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Interims That Leave Holes.

Updated on January 17, 2010

Interims That Leave Holes





In back porches,
and patios,
and sun rooms,
all over the world  

pretty ladies sit crying,

dampening hankies

over some lustful pankies
or some hope that vanished
over someone denied them.

The sun warms their flesh,
but it is not the

sun tanned flesh,

that once warmed them.

Hands wring small circles

and look much

like the hands
on a clock as well.

Time heals
but leaves scars to
mark and mar the passing.

When (for-)is(getting)
to be too much

to handle at times
and when what is

is too hard to

be(-giving) as well,
all that is left
is (forward),
but that takes
so many small

steps between
the teardrops, and the
lack of even

wanting to try,
during the interim
that leaves holes,
begging to be filled
by anything but emptiness.

Thus porches and

backyard sanctuaries

are filled with lonely women

staring out into sunny space

that is clouded by a gray

that hasn't yet

graced their hair

but has put a

damper on their souls.




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