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One on one with Miss Barbra Waltes.

Updated on May 21, 2010

I recently sat one on one with an upcoming and inspirational young Journalist. Miss Barbra Waltes.Though it was a 30minutes section but she happened to be a great lady.

We are all talented in different ways but the problem facing some of us is the environment we find ourselves in, the economic instability in most places but above all low self esteem,these are factors that affect the proper use of our numerous talents...

Sometimes, our talents are hidden in us and need to be ignited but the lucky ones among us just be and see their talents flowing.Some of us are blessed academically, some in sports,some in arts,i mean in so many aspects of life...

Miss Waltes intend to add the section with me in her book title WHO AM I? Because according to her,sitting face to face with me inspired her.

What is it about me?

Find out...

Barbra: What is your name sir?

Rossi: My name is Rossi Mobis

Barbra: I have seen most of your articles,your stories,poems and so many other written stuffs,do you write all these by yourself?

Rossi: Yes i do though in some cases,i simply modify what others already set out

Barbra: What do you mean by that sir?

Rossi: Actually, what i meant is that; for example, a song can inspire me,i mean a song by someone else,it might lead a different meaning into my system and you see me transform the song into something else,that is to modify per say

Barbra: What kind of song?

Rossi: Any kind of song,take for example this song by Bob Nester Marley, Johnny was a good man,this particular song inspires me a lot and each time i listen to it, i always see a picture of a sorrowful woman who lost a son,so i modified this song and got a storyline from it

Barbra: You sound fascinating and if i must ask, where would i see this story and what is the title?

Rossi:The title is Johnny and you can read it via hubpages

Barbra: Honestly Mr Rossi, where do you get your inspiration from?

Rossi: As you can see, i have always said it and it is just the fact, certain things in life are not just what we think, you see; we are all blessed in different ways,let me tell you this, it is not about Education,intelligence is not education,those days at school,i was not even among the best students though i was a bright little boy but education does not make you who you are but what you are therefore my inspiration comes from God and from you

Barbra: You! do you mean me;myself?

Rossi: Yes of course i mean you and i mean everybody,from my friends, enemies, peers, i mean from everybody and the world that surrounds me

Barbra: You are a good writer but how come you have not published any book because all your articles are inspirational?

Rossi: Everything has time and at the best time,you will read a book by me but as a matter of fact,i am working on something at the moment

Barbra: Do you write on every subject?

Rossi: Like i earlier said,we are all blessed individually and in different ways,you see; you cannot be me and i cannot be you.I write on issues that matters most to me though i will not say that i cannot write on different subjects but as you can see,i don't know anything about Nutrition, Fitness,Animal so i cannot pen down facts about them but i have got a romantic kinky mind.

Barbra: I have read a good number of poems written by you so does this make you a poet?

Rossi: You can consider me a poet but the truth is that i am not a poet but a creative writer,i enjoy writing so that is just the fact

Barbra: How long does it take you to write an articles,especially stories?

Rossi: Everything we do in life has a reason,as you can see, the time it takes me to complete an article for example a story depends on the subject.Sometimes, i have a picture of something or imagine a situation inside me and you will simply see me writing it down and in most cases,i write some articles within minutes,sometimes hours but it all depends on what it is i am writing anyway

Barbra: You must be a Genius

Rossi: I don't think so

Barbra: If i ask you to write something for me right now,will you honor it?

Rossi: It depends on what you might ask of me because i can create a story about this interview,i mean i can write a song about you,about your eyes,i can talk of your voice in a poem right now, i can write about us that is it.

Barbara: You seems to be a practical person?

Rossi: A lot of folks say that i am funny, you are the first person that ever said practical person but honestly, i am just a simple man but a different breed.

Barbra: Let me assume that you are my teacher right now, what will you teach me?

Rossi: What will teach you if i were your teacher?

Barbra: Yes, what will i lean from you now?

Rossi: I will teach you about letter writing,i mean how to write a constructive love letter.

Barbra: (Laughs); Constructive love letter, this sounds interesting

Rossi: I am serious, a constructive love letter is more professional than an ordinary love letter

Barbara: Okay, so how do you write this letter?

That was a piece of me and Miss Barbra Waltes...


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you thevoice for your support and for coming over here,i appreciate you a great deal.

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      great fabulous hub read thanks


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