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Into him

Updated on October 16, 2014

It was not the first time

she had fallen for it.

Imagined the tied knot,

the love deep within her.

It was not infatuation,

But it was not love.

Comprehension was complex

for the teenage brain.

Inaudible were those three words

As it was never uttered,

Epaulette and ephemeral.


"Love is unconditional"

The Mirror spoke to her.

There wasn't any dissonancy

as it was inopportune.

Her inner voice had no maturity.

Dissatisfied forlornly,

Someone was filling the dashes she left between her words.

Reluctant to stride,counting the flaws,

in the new.

The lids didn't wanted to open to see the old.

Licentious and Lewd,till she realised

Libido was the former's desire.

He was only a friend,

a friend she wanted for life

A friend without whom there was no 'she'.

Even before the yellow of the mustard sprinkled in the garden,

She had cried for 'her friend'.

"Inseparable" a misnomer,

as there was nothing two,nothing divided.

Yet she interrogated,grappling between the two states.

Panache,he asked for the second time,

Recondite about the promises ,she committed.

In every flood he rowed her,

inflicted with pain were the thunderbolts he confronted.

She cooled his sores.

Numerous Hardships,

Failures in academics,charge of a transgressor

She encompassed him into her being.

Clock ticked away,

drowning him into her love and her into him.

Deeply engrossed in the Red.

Still loving,forever loving

Devout to the "Holy",

Believing in almighty.

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© 2014 Pallavi Bharati


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