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Into the Shadows of Breathless Devotion

Updated on February 7, 2011

I used to be me, without a shadow of doubt,

Endless nights I toss and turn in these tangled sheets,

Never ending hours I spend in sorrowful wake,

The demons, they come, they taunt and flock,

To haunt every thought I ever owned,

And without a doubt of the man I've become,

The strangling regret does fuel the flames,

That reduce my heels to ashes,

To find myself will take all but a miracle,

To lose myself will be all but too easy,

Into the shadows my soul does move,

Without fear of no return,

Every breath of air left to breathe,

It was all I ever did need,

Torn to shreds, my identity slumbers,

Inside the desolate cave of breathless devotion,

And when the earth crumbles on its last day,

Into the endless sky will these wings take flight,

Fire will consume the clouds,

Ice will spread across the land,

Water will then flood my lungs,

And still the wind will lift this soul,

Towards the endless depths of infinity,

It may be too late to save me,

But I know this is the right choice,

So let me,


And when the air whispers my name,

Look towards the shadows in which flicker a voice,

Do not grieve, but instead,



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