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Into the dreams

Updated on April 15, 2013

Into the dreams

The plain land

No emotions, no feelings.

What place is this?

I carried myself out.

But never came back

to the same old place again

I wonder

and then forget

to take things back.

You call dream a 'dream'

The leftover of a night

hanging by a faint


on my lips.

What place is this?

I can only see

my reflection

in the water

When she is around

standing close.

The water has gone blind

For not being able to see

She is not just

a pure thought.

I'm bemused

if images were ever made on water

Or images disappear on water

Into the dreams

the only place

where I find love.

Into my dreams

the only place left

where love can be found.

I live life

as a dream

only to prolong

or extend

my version of happiness.



a dream

does not

stop or start

at the dawn

of a new day.


can say


life is trying to make itself ready for you.


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