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Into the mind of...

Updated on July 11, 2014


So much sadness, so much pain,
How long will it take, before I go insane,
Wounds will heal but scars will remain,
My heart full of tears, like an everlasting rain,
When will it all end,
When will my soul be mend,
When will I find happiness,
When will I be released of stress,
Give me an answer and I shall reward,
Please tell me why, why is life so hard…


My love

A curse called life is what we’re in,

Doomed to live with lies and sin,

But on these long and painful roads,

Our souls have crossed, the time has slowed,

We trust to trust, for love we care,

Our hearts will hurt, a pain we share,

As time goes by i won’t regret,

You’ve touched my heart i can’t forget,

All i have is words to show,

I’ve watered my love, for it to grow.

My Sunshine

You are the sunshine in my sky,
The light in my darkness, the answer to my “why?”,
As time passes by and minutes become hours and hours become days,
You grow more special to me in different kinds of ways,
No matter what our life will bring or things that cross our road,
My love will be there for you, a love that won’t erode,
Give me the chance to let you see,
What life can grow for you to be,
And happiness will come to heart,
A set of pieces that will not part.

My Secret

Her smile so pretty, my secret so dark,
I've got thoughts crafted of fire, overtaking my heart,
I'm in love with you, I've got thoughts of you,
Its sickening, but I'm lost in you,
I want to speak to you, but scared that I'm a freak to you,
I just want to touch you, love and hug you,
Kiss you and fuck you, till sweat drips off of you,
Snap out of it, I'm dreamin.. fuck it.. it seems that my demons,
Came up to tempt me and my feelings,
I'm heating when this shit comes down and then fears me,
You with that guy, its got my fire searing,
Now i am not mad, I just feel bad,
I'm just fucked up and wish it all got passed..

Same shit different day

Every day is the same, it makes me feel terrible,
same shit different day makes me feel terrible.
I'm slipping away, I'm losing control,
I'm drifting away, its about to take its toll.
Wounds will heal but pain will remain,
how long will it take before i go insane?..
All these memories, inflicted so much pain,
even when its better now, things are still the same.
So what is I to do, what do I have to prove,
to show you I can do way more than I can do….

Real Friends

They are my brothers,
My right hand, my second hand smoke,
They bring me happiness, understanding and jokes.
They help me in down times, they bring me summer in winter.
I put my will to live in the efforts they make.
I know I can be frustrating at times, but I'm just human like you.
We all make mistakes...
I try to live up to their expectations, and expect nothing less back.
Every minute to live with them in my life, yes.. my friends are my strength and drive.

Moment of Hurt

It was like an arrow shot through my heart,
It was like hell coming down on earth,
My feelings symbolised by an ant,
Crushed by a giant foot!
Controlled by frustration and anger,
I cannot focus, cannot relax, cannot be myself,
Have to shout, have to crush, have to beat something up!
My mind becomes a labyrint,
The scars on my heart rip open,
Long restless nights, no time for sleep,
Still cannot CHILL!
Heart is bleeding like I’ve been stabbed by a spear,
How could this be? How could this happen?
How could I be fooled by you!


Its the time... The time no one hopes for.
He becomes cold, angered and hurt.
He says things he wishes he never said.
He plays with feelings and emotions.
His view turns black...
Horrible things come to his mind,
He becomes inhuman and the worst of his kind.
A wave of unleashed fears and anger follows his path.
A massive army of unknown and known feelings.
A dark cloud with rains of angry thoughts.
Lightning and thunder controlled by 1 mind,
Stacked up in furious rage...
This person is insane, but sadly does not know,
What he has done, which people he has hurt.
This person is strange yet so familiar,
This person… It is me…

The Kiss

I’m inches from your face..
I softly feel your breath..
I adore the way you taste,
As I finally get your kiss..
When I look into your eyes,
My spirit starts to rise..
Oh girl.. I love your eyes..
It’s your eyes that mesmerize me..
No one understands you like I do..
And I can’t deny my feelings for you..
You’re all that I want.. My love so real..
All cause of the way you're making me feel..
I feel so good, I cant fight it..
I try so hard.. But I cant hide it..
I love you so much.. So much!.
Our lips have moved apart..
and then you stop my heart...

The perfect girl

Her smile bright
A beauty like the sun
The perfect shine

The ocean's clarity
Reflecting from her eyes
The perfect soul

Her mind mysterious
A glow like an angel
The perfect type

The desert's heat
Warmth energizing my soul
The perfect whole

© 2014 Felix


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