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Updated on February 6, 2014
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By Tony DeLorger © 2104

Intrigued, I stop just short of reason,

fathoming the inner workings of the emotions

that drive a heart to action,

and in the end, of detriment to the self.

Called up in preponderance of outcome,

my thoughts abide in the space

between perceived reality and wanted conclusion,

a phase of thought's deliberation.

Here, I am focused on the propensity of response,

that which has befallen thoughts passed,

and had impact on a learned behaviour,

conditioning without conscious evaluation.

Here, I can see the destined path I have forged,

can see the thoughtlessness of current attention,

and the folly of regurgitated answers to repeated questions,

all in a foreign circumstance somehow aligned as expected.

Without reason I am a predictable traveler,

the heart repeating what it knows, what it does,

regardless of any reason or reflection of reality,

just the blind direction of emotional empathy.

I am intrigued by my own evaluation, my own agenda,

cursing all that has befallen an oblivious mind,

tied up in human emotions to a befitting end,

and I accepting that, for the privilege.

Yet when all is taken into account,

the soul bares all to the heart but not the fallacy of reason,

told to bind right with possibility in choice,

and in that a better more balanced outcome as a result.

I fear I am but a robot, empowering a heart with mathematics,

when all along it requires the serenity of knowing,

and the emotions attached to feeling a righteous path,

in the acceptance that we are more than flesh and blood.

Our thoughts are bound by the parameters of our capability in logic, emotion and intuition. How we determine our decisions is based on all three, yet often we ignore what we already know in pursuit of our dreams. It is wise to address all three in our decision making.



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