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Intriguing Information About The Magical Unicorn

Updated on March 2, 2012


unicorn By insect anatomy
unicorn By insect anatomy

The Magical Unicorn

The unicorn is a legendary horse-like creature with a slender, spiral horn that grows from its forehead, having the ability to neutralize poisons.  Although a modern popular image of this mystical creature simply resembles a horse with an added horn, a traditional unicorn had a beard like a billy-goat, the tail of a lion and cloven hooves.  They are said to be one of the only mythological creatures that were not created from human fear.  It is described as fierce yet good, solitary yet selfless and always remarkably beautiful.


The Medieval Unicorn

This intriguing beast stemmed from ancient and biblical sources and was represented as a horse, goat or a wild ass.  The unicorn gained great popularity from an elaborate allegory that told a story of a beautiful unicorn being trapped by a maiden.  As soon as the unicorn laid eyes on the maiden, he laid his head on her lap and fell asleep.  The maiden was to represent the Virgin Mary as the unicorn was to represent incarnation.  This became a medieval notion of religion and the unicorn found itself displayed in virtually every form of religious art.  Catholic writers have identified the unicorn as a symbol of Christ since the traditional beast could only be tamed by the Virgin Mary.

It is also interesting to note that Denmark's royal throne was made from “unicorn horns” along with the ceremonial cups since they could neutralize poison.  Unicorns are also believed to have the ability to determine if a woman was a virgin since they could be mounted by them with the exception of the Middle Eastern Unicorn.

Magical Unicorn

unicorn princess By jeanner
unicorn princess By jeanner

Invisible Pink Unicorn

The Invisible Pink Unicorn is a goddess used to satirize theistic religious beliefs.  She is pink, invisible and often illustrated and spoke of by atheists along with other religious skeptics.  They would often replace the word God with Invisible Pink Unicorn in any sentence. 

No one can prove that she does or does not exist because she cannot be seen, similar to God.  Her defining attributes are pink and invisibility which are completely contradictory, adding to the satire.  There is thought that perhaps she is invisible to most but can be seen as pink to her followers.  The Invisible Pink Unicorn is said to have an enemy in the Purple Oyster.

The Maiden and the Unicorn

The Eastern Unicorn

The Eastern Unicorn is similar to the Western Unicorn that most people are familiar with.  It is a solitary animal that sprung from the center of the earth.  They never fall into traps or pits and always reach their destination.  It is a gently creature that will not even step on an insect, not wanting to cause another animals harm,  and it is so sensitive that it can feel the weight from a shadow, cast by the moon.  The Eastern Unicorn has the presence that makes its surrounding animals tame and if it plucks a leaf, it makes two grow back in its place.  Its voice is sweet and delicate, sounding like a thousand wind chimes.

In the East, it was believed that if a unicorn was tamed, no animals would know terror again but as long as humans showed anger and greed or war or hunger was present, the unicorn would stay in hiding.  The Eastern Unicorn appeared during evil times if a great change was about to happen, in many cultures, as a sign that positive times were ahead.  It is also linked with the lioness and tiger because it will fight for truth and wisdom, protect its own and scare demons away.

The Middle Eastern Unicorn

The unicorn in the Middle East was called Karkadann and it was a ferocious beast that had the ability to kill an elephant.  It had a body resembling a rhino with a lion's tail and was an incredibly violent creature.  It was mainly a brutal beast feared by all humans and animals yet it could be seen having a tender hearted moment, drinking morning dew off of plants.

If the Middle Eastern Unicorn put its head in the water to drink, all female creatures living in the water would become pregnant and anything evil in the water would be cast to shore because the water became pure.  It loved all women, not only the virgins like the other unicorns.

Chinese Unicorns

chinese-unicorn.jpg By ella-inspired
chinese-unicorn.jpg By ella-inspired

Chinese Unicorns

These unicorns have been a part of the world since the beginning of time.  The early Chinese people described them as being miraculous creatures with an array of exquisite colors, a beautiful voice and avoided fighting at any cost.  They lived for 1000 years and their horn was an amazing 12 feet long.  It walked so softy that it did not even crush blades of grass that it had stepped upon.

The Chinese Unicorn was extremely special to the early Chinese people.  It would show up at special times and its appearance was a sign of good fortune.  Additionally, it would appear if a leader was going to be born or die.

The unicorn continues to be an appreciated and loved magical beast today.  For some it is a representation of protection against disease and a sign of good luck and for others it represents a positive change but for all, it is a symbol of unparalleled beauty.


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