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Introducing: Anna

Updated on February 8, 2019


There is a forest that is dense and no light can enter. Travel would become lost in the dark, some becoming inhuman beast that lives within the shadows. Another would be so lucky enough to find the oasis that is dead center with in the forest where the light is great and at night the moon hangs high in the sky.

The beginning days, the owner would lure in orphaned and lost children into the large building that was constructed into a house.

The building halls were decorated with various different colors. With different animal on each floor. Slowly what the children thought was a nice old man. Giving them shelter turned out to have been working for a older stricter woman. Who sold all the boys too her betting mate and kept the girls.

Anna was her 6 the generation, the process would go. Kindness, introduction and breaking, then healing.

An once it was past the 1 month mark. The process would go; training, breaking, healing, training, breaking, healing. They were to be the best self sufficient prostitutes. Sold in bundles and at a price no mere man could but.

Anna was unlike the rest, when she was told her brother would be seat away. She burned down the second half of the building. Causing her too enter the breaking period much quicker than her counterparts. Anna wasn't easily subdued, and enter the program only the older women had been in herself.

If she past her brother would be able to stay. An of course she passed with flying colors. During another fire caused by a guest. Anna back was heavily scarred, only after earning her the title of black window. And placed on her very on floor.

Where the halls are painted vibrant red and blacks and gold, which glissant like glass. Her room only decorate with the finest quilts and sheets and silk. An with a different array of pillows.

She was graced with the biggest balcony which sat outside the river which enter the darkest forest and exited it as well.

Allowing clear view of the naive men who would be sucked in some never leaving. Becoming addicted to the smell and sounds of a places that was like a fairy tail. Until they could no longer pay and was dumped back outside of the forest.


Anna was born in a normal village, her mother would work late hours. She was always complimented on her doll like features. Her mother was soon married off pleasing her grandmother and grandfather. Soon they all turned to her and when she would be marrying. Sadly she took no interest in any man they brought before her.

There wasn't a problem until their family hit hard times. An was approached by a more wealthy family. She was to be join with their eldest son for money. No matter how anna felt about it.

None the less the wedding went without a problem. Besides anna being displeased, yet the kind eldest son that they had sold her family. Was nothing but a drunk who wasted his money away. Even when she began to complain about then bruise her family did nothing. An turned a blind eye to unknown men the eldest son would bring in. Anna finally snapped at the age of 14 after her first miscarriage.

Killing her husband in his sleep and stuffing his body down a well.

Yet instead of anna being free she was married off the the 2 son. Who they found floating down a river not 2 months after their marriage. By this time her brother had been born and anna had taken a liking to the child. An not so good for the third son who was a known child fucker. On the night she killed him and strung the fat man up by his testicles. And laying his body out on the dining room table like a gutted turkey. She took her brother and disappears into the forest.

© 2019 Angelina


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