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Introduction to Series: 7 Billion & One

Updated on May 1, 2013

7 Billion & One


7 Billion & One: Aria

(This should go without saying, everything written is copyrighted so do not steal my work please.)

There are seven billion people in this world. I use to believe monogamy just was not for me. That was until I met Aria.

To me, Aria was the other heart I was looking for all along. You know God gives us two hands, two legs, and two feet, but she was my other heart. The one that made me complete. There is no better way to describe it. My love for her outweighed my need for her, and that is how I knew it was true.

Maybe it was the vibrations I felt within whenever she was in the room. Or the way she vicariously made me a better man than I had ever imagined being.

The reason we even met was because of my great sister, Ana. I must give her thanks for that, but i almost feel as if it was fate. Ironically, I never use to believe in that either. But now it is apparent that I truly do. Especially, when I am around her.

Aria was nothing short of everything I could ever want & more. Is that not what we all seem to be searching for in this life? Her light brown hair was complimented by her bluish grey eyes. Her physique was all that I imagine it to be; she was fit and healthy just like me. That of a model with enough to hold on to. What hooked me the most, though, was the way she carried herself. She was always happy, and always smiling. She had respect, and she got respect as well. I could not ask for more. She brought me a sense of peace to my life. All that was left now was the decision to make her my wife.

I never intended to rush this, but this is where life took us over the years. My love for her was never in question. From the moment our eyes met, I had every intention of falling deeply and insanely in love with her. And without a doubt, I knew that I would.

But as you may already know, nothing can compare to the feeling of the one you love, choosing to love you back. I had nothing less with her.

With that, I will leave you with a few words. Aria is comparison to that of the sun I look forward to each day. That of the moon I long to see each night. Like a rose, she brought meaning to life. It was a love so strong it could take us away in flight. Tonight I would fight because I knew this was right.

7 Billion & One: Julian

It was not too long ago that I was telling my best friend that I had given up on men. That was until I found her brother, Julian. With Julian, it was equivalent to love at first sight.

Julian brought true meaning to my life. Over the years, I can say I never really knew what love was until I met him. I sure thought I did, though. I'm beyond grateful that I did find him. Life becomes more blatantly beautiful to one who meets his or her true love. It is as if your hearts become one.

Julian was deep. Many men did not exert the kind of passion that he did. He looked at the world in a completely different way than any man I've ever known. He was tall and beyond handsome. His eyes were a unique greenish-brown, that anyone would get lost in. When the sun was bright, he had the eyes of a tiger

Julian was kind-hearted, and his spirit was strong. He had a lot of will-power, and it seemed as if he always knew right from wrong. I loved the way he never tried to conform to fit in, but rather always followed his heart instead.

When you find your special someone, it makes you see the rest of the world much more clearly. The things I use to care about, the pointless things, I no longer did with Julian. I was grateful for that, and grateful for the love we shared.

I never intended to find him this fast, but I can say I'm glad I did. Before I met Julian, it seemed like I was going nowhere fast. Even though, I was in school and had a plan...Julian helped me realize life is not about planning. Life is about living. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so I never understand why people pretend as if it is.

It amazes me how love you show you the way. Love can show you so many ways you never even knew were there before. With Julian, every aspect of my life has improved tenfold. I would not have it any other way.

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