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Invisible Woman vs. Jean Grey

Updated on July 20, 2014

It has been a while since, I did a "hero vs. hero," hub. I decided that an interesting battle would be between the Invisible Woman (Susan Storm) and Jean Grey (formerly Marvel Girl; now Phoenix).

Both Jean Grey and the Invisible Woman are superheroines in the Marvel Universe; the Invisible Woman is from the Fantastic Four and she has even been an Avenger; Jean Grey is a founding member of the X-Men. If these heroines were to fight one another, for some strange reason (it really isn't unusual for heroes to fight each other in the comics), who would win? Would the fight end quickly? Or would it be a long and drawn out fight?

Both women are very powerful super heroines with psionically based powers. Therefore, it would be an interesting battle. The Invisible Woman has the power to bend the light around her, enabling her to become invisible and generate force fields. On the other hand, Jean Grey possesses the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Let's not forget, that Jean Grey is also the host of the cosmic entity, the Phoenix force which is the embodiment of life itself.

To get a better idea of which heroine would win, I will discuss the attributes of both heroines. And I will reveal which heroine, who I think would win at the end of this hub.


Jean Grey has a telepathic edge.

Jean Grey obviously has powers that the Invisible Woman does not-- telepathy. Telepathy is a psionic based power where the user is able to read minds, communicate with minds, control minds, create illusions, etc. In comics, telepaths demonstrate telepathy at certain levels; some telepaths are generally weak and may only be able to read or communicate with minds, while others like Professor Xavier have near limitless telepathic abilities.

At a young age, Jean Grey demonstrated powerful telepathic abilities when she was able to form a telepathic link to her childhood friend who died! As a result, Jean Grey ended up in a coma. Professor Xavier had to put psychic barriers in Grey's mind inhibiting Grey's telepathic abilities. Professor Xavier's actions allowed Jean to adequately develop her telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

Anyway, Jean Grey's telepathic abilities alone would give Grey a huge advantage over the Invisible Woman. Grey, may be able to sense the invisible woman approaching. And Grey could telepathically render the Invisible Woman unconscious, thus ending the fight quickly. Unless the Invisible Woman utilizes a psychic shield, the Invisible Woman would be vulnerable to Jean's telepathic powers.


Invisible Woman can mimic Jean's telekinetic powers

Not only could the Invisible Woman turn invisible as her name so accurately implies, but she can generate force fields of psionic energy. Her force fields are mostly used defensively to block energy based attacks as well as projectiles. However, the Invisible Woman's force fields can also be used offensively, where she can convert her force field into a concussive energy blast to knock out her opponents.

With her psionic force fields, the Invisible Woman can mimic Jean Grey's telekinetic powers by forming force fields to levitate herself, objects, and other people. The Invisible Woman has been known to fly at incredible speeds by way of her force fields. Apparently, the Invisible Woman seems to even be able to inhibit Jean Grey's telekinetic abilities; in Fantastic Four# 286, the Invisible Woman encased Jean Grey in a force field. While inside the force field, Jean was unable to use her telekinetic powers; albeit it was never quite explained how that happened. The Invisible Woman is also capable of creating force fields within objects or even people and cause it to expand then explode.

Jean Grey, consumes a star!
Jean Grey, consumes a star! | Source

Jean Grey has the phoenix force

Jean Grey is best known for being a host for the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. The Phoenix force is the embodiment of life itself. Galactus once said that anytime the Phoenix uses its powers, it prevents the creation of new life. With the phoenix force Jean Grey's telekinetic and telepathic powers are greatly enhanced. In addition, she can travel through space and time with the power of the Phoenix; if Jean were to be seriously injured or killed the phoenix force would put her in a healing cocoon where her body would be restored. During the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean Grey consumed a star. Make no mistake, even without the Phoenix force, Jean Grey is still a powerful mutant.


Invisible Woman can use the element of surprise

Obviously, the Invisible Woman's primary power is the ability to manipulate the light around her to render herself invisible. The Invisible Woman, can also turn the optic nerve in an opponent's eye invisible, rendering her opponent blind as she did to Wolverine in the image to your right. While invisible, Sue can catch Jean by surprise and knock Jean out, providing that Jean doesn't sense the Invisible Woman first.

Jean Grey can mimic all of the Invisible Woman's powers

Jean Grey can mimic the Invisible Woman's powers of invisibility and force field generation. Jean can use her telepathic abilities to make others think that she is invisible. However, she would still be seen by video recording devices. Jean Grey can use her telekinetic abilities to generate force fields defending herself against energy attacks and projectiles.


And the winner IS....!

Jean Grey would definitely win the fight hands down. She is a powerful omega-level mutant even without the Phoenix force. Jean is capable of powerful feats of telekinesis and telepathy. With her telepathy alone she could defeat the Invisible Woman. Let's not forget, that the Invisible Woman is also a powerful and dangerous superhuman; I always considered the Invisible Woman a potential omega-level mutant (I know she is not technically a mutant). The Invisible woman would still put up a good fight and she may be able to defeat Jean Grey if she uses a psychic shield and/or catches Jean by surprise. Overall, a fight between the Invisible Woman and Jean Grey would in my opinion, end quickly.

Fortunately, we did get to see the Invisible Woman and Jean Grey on the big screen. Thus, I have added two live action videos to show you just how powerful the two heroines are. Of course, the Fantastic Four films, with Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman doesn't fully show us how powerful the character is.

Jean Grey vs. The Invisible Woman: Who is going to win?

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    • cperuzzi profile image

      Christopher Peruzzi 8 days ago from Freehold, NJ

      There is some really good rationale in your reasoning. However, the Phoenix versus pretty much anyone is a non-argument, as the Phoenix force is really second to that of the creator.

      I think a better comparison would have been the Invisible Woman versus Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) was a really proficient telekinetic and intermediate telepath. The question then becomes how far into the battle will it take one of these two heroes to do something unthinkable. Either Marvel Girl would use her telekinetic power to dismember the Invisible Woman (provided she can find her) or the Invisible Woman would mentally use her forcefield power to cut off Wonder Girl's head with a forcefield guillotine.

      There are many ways this could go down - but I think that comparison would give the Invisible Woman a sporting chance.

      Great article.

    • profile image

      Marvel lover 23 months ago

      I think its not fair to add the phoenix because the main power of jean is only tk and tp not the phoenix