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Is It Really True?

Updated on January 20, 2013

There was a day when I woke up
But I ignored the sun
It was different than the day before
I realized what I had done
We’d parted ways last night
I’d forgotten my soft touch
Now she’s gone home to her mom
She’d told her not to expect too much

Is it really true?

I always tried too hard
To make her listen to things I’d say
I can’t tell you why I acted like that
My pride must have got in the way
Now I’m lookin’ at all the young girls
Gettin’ old doesn’t change my taste
But every time I start to talk
I think it’s just gonna’ be a waste

Is it really true?

I decided to look her up
Not knowing what I might say
I finally found her living her life
She was the same as she was that day
She said, “What do you expect?
You’ve been away too long
I can tell you are the same
You’re gonna’ treat me wrong”

Is it really true?

I couldn’t really blame her
I just missed the way she was
I didn’t have the right you know
Did I call for love or just because?
I didn’t have the strength to argue
I knew inside she was right
How could I bring her back
There were no words I could write

Is it really true?

For some reason I called her that day
Not knowing she hated me for years
I was surprised about her feelings
And she told me about all the tears
She decided to talk about the past
I’d assumed she had moved on
But instead it was something deeper
I’d reached her but then I was gone

Is it really true?

She said, “You don’t know your power
To make a girl fall in love with you
You know exactly what to say
You make her believe everything is true
Then you control her life
And tell her the things she should do
It’s was all about your needs
Love was real for me but it never was for you”

Is it really true?

She hung up quietly after that last word
I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry
I started thinking to myself
“How can this be true, I know I’m a good guy”
But as I drove down the road I knew
And she told me what I needed to hear
I had the nerve to expect her back
And she didn’t want me near

Is it really true?

You can’t go back with your old self
And it’s not about living in the past
You have to grow inside
Or you’ll remain tied to the mast
The torture of losing true love
Is something that never really ends
Now it’s about moving on with your life
She was the one but now we’re not even friends

Is it really true?


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    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      The Suburban Poet 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I went through the hell of it all long ago. I was in my early twenties and just got crushed and I didn't see it coming. It impacted my plans and my self-image. But I got over it. It's a matter of understanding that time does heal all wounds (cliche but oh so true). Luckily I was able to move forward. And I learned some things about myself about not forcing different desires onto someone and also about not changing who you are (the good part!) just because you are physically attracted to someone. I made mistakes but I know better now. Thank you for reading as usual. I truly appreciate your time. If only I could sing.... I have a musician friend that I'm hoping might like this...

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 4 years ago from Guildford

      It must be real torture to lose a true love. I cannot comprehend how I would feel. This a beautiful song with heart rending lyrics. I would love to hear you sing this one!!