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Is One Niche Better Than Many Niches?

Updated on September 23, 2014

Prior to actually writing articles, I felt it would be prudent to do some research. After all, it would be a shame to put in loads of work only to have a product that fell short of expectations. Nothing is ever guaranteed and just because you're moving doesn't mean you're moving in the right direction. Research is critical to good writing. In fact, many writers only write on topics they have conducted extensive research on. Some are successful in dominating a niche and securing a large readership. These writers typically have a single niche they devote their writing time to. They become a subject matter expert and their audience considers them fully qualified to write about that topic.

Another component of good writing is passion. You typically have to care about your topic at least a little, otherwise the average mortal will struggle to put words on the page. The beautiful thing about the human being is that we are immensely interesting, multi-faceted creatures with a range likes. We have hobbies, preferences, and interest in many topics. We tend to read a variety of things, so I wondered how that dynamic wouldn't work in reverse. If a writer enjoyed reading about many topics, wouldn't it make sense to enjoy writing about many topics? While researching how to blog, I quickly began to question the advice that a writer should stick to one niche. Then I decided to test whether it is better to stick to one niche or to branch out and write on a variety of topics.

In the past few weeks I published seven article on Forensic Psychology topics, 16 on European travel, five on college, and twelve on ways to make money from home. I expanded out to different blog pages and waited to see how it went. Some sites were better than others when it came to traffic (Hubpages won hands down with WriteTown a close second) and it was really hard to tell if views or lack of views were due to the topics or the website. I ruled out part of this by posting to Blogger and seeing a one time effect, then no more views. Blogger was no longer an option.

Regardless of where I posted, what I realized was that I had an easier time writing good content in a shorter amount of time by branching out. When I was burned out on one topic, I would simply write about something else. In this manner I had written 30 articles in two weeks on my free time. Not too bad. I never had trouble finding something to write about using this technique and I had widened by readership substantially. Sounds like a great way to pick up momentum in a short time, doesn't it?

The next step is to pull all of my articles over to Hubpages to see what happens. I am standing firm and mixing up my articles in the same place to see what the effect will be. Will readers cross over and enjoy reading a variety of articles authored by the same person? Will this result in the opposite effect? Will people really even notice? Let's try this experiment and see what happens a few months down the road. Keep checking back to see the results and maybe we can find out if writing about one niche is actually better than writing about several.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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    • Aubrey Durkin profile image

      Aubrey Durkin 3 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      Wow, thanks for the advice! I have some articles on Writer Town but I'm only a contributor. I really like the site but I have to have an AdSense account code to monetize the articles so I'm holding off and will publish the rest of my articles here.

    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 3 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      I've found you articles enjoyable and the length of them are generally good for me to have time to read. I've also enjoyed that you talk about different topics.

      There is no way that I could simply stick to one niche, but naturally there are about five that I generally write about. This suites me well as a writer, as it is much more important to me to write about what I'm passionate about.

      Is WriteTown your blog?

      I'll also just mention, that by answering a couple simple questions every day in the question and answer section here at HP, you'll attract more visitors and profile viewers.