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Is The Internet Just Useless Rambling?

Updated on May 20, 2012

A couple of days ago, I was telling a friend at the gym how to get a “Plan B” for her income. I told her to have a look at my blog online. Two days later, she said she really did not understand it. She also said, no offense, but it seems like a bunch of rambling. Now, this particular comment did not phase me or totally blow my idea of the internet. However, it did make my think.

I thought about all of the things people look at and post on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of very useful information on the net. I wanted to highlight (as a bit of fun) some of the things I’ve come across.

Here is the first Youtube:

Going to the Store

Take the above video, for example. "Going to the Store". I stumbled on this and watched it with great anticipation of something happening at the store. No luck. This particular "copy" of it, has close to 8 MILLION views. 8 million!!!! Plus, hundreds of thousands of spoofs on it, plus a "making" of the video video! Can antybody tell me the point of this video?

Funniest Commercial Ever


Now, I am a man. I love farting! It's in my nature. But I never put it on the net! Gotta love potty humor. This video got over 19 MILLION VIEWS! I am going to start videoing straight away!


How about blogging. Telling a story to the world. Wordpress certainly has the corner on blogging! There were 809,000 new posts today on wordpress blogs. Yahoo!. Here are some funny ones:

A valentine for someone I hate

The top 10 Romantic Movies for Geeks

How the Bee Gees Inspired Gluten Free Thin Mints

The Sun Is Out - The dogs get a walk to the cafe

and on , and on. I guess maybe I do not get too excited that someone walked their dog today!

Here is a blogger telling off someone on Facebook about his style of posting:

Your Blog is good Dhruv but totally irrelevant. Secondary, you dont just post your link like this. You should av introduced your self, given a reason & then post your link

2 hours ago · LikeUnlike

Ok now. I only got C's in english, but this person is over the top or the keyboard is totally stuffed!

Facebook Philosphers

See the bubbles above? Before facebook , that photo would just be a bunch af bubbles. Now it means so much more now that people can go to different websites and pull meaningful quotes and post them along with this picture. Gotta love it. Now we all have these deep spiritual awakenings that come out on facebook!

It's almost like the cars with the fifty ribbons on it stating that you are aware of something or support some cause. I wonder if anybody would care that I support the three stooges? Interesting. It has been said that people who are addicted to facebook and the web (and there are many!) have the same chemical reaction in their brains as a person on drugs! Wehooo!

Here is a somewhat useless video I made!

Final Thoughts

Well, I will leave you with this. The internet is full of all kinds of things. Some useful, some not so useful. Some funny, some not so funny. Whatever it is for you, it is. I loved writing this non-promotional fun hub!

As for me, the above picture is just cute. Nothing else. It has no deep meaningful significance other than being cute!

Enjoy the net :)


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