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Is There Room For The Gentle and For The Dreamers?

Updated on March 24, 2015

I wrote this many years ago:

Is there room for the gentle and for the dreamers?

Ambivalence reigns within me.
I don’t want to be a part of it all.
I feel like I’m an accomplice to a massacre.

Existence is absurd. Think about it: it really is.
There are many wolves in sheep's clothing
and it’s very hard for me to tell who is who...
so I exclude almost everyone.

I ride my bike to get away from it all.
Some of it moves with me as I ride but
as I move on it seems to slip off to who
knows where.

I know some of the reasons why the wolf howls
and why the crow cahs.

I need beauty, freedom and warmth.

We are to the planet as a tick is to a dog.
Need a meteor with great mass and velocity
to cut us down.

I have periods of happiness and wonder but
it always drifts away...too bad I can’t be high
all the time.

Ambivalence reigns within me like a cloud
up in the sky.

I’m brought back to reality as a car alarm goes off
and in the distance, a stray shopping cart rolls
across the parking lot.

And somewhere a dream comes true.


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