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Is Your About Us Page Really Convincing?

Updated on August 9, 2019
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Prachi has been working as a freelance writer since 2012. When not writing, she helps people with web designing and development.

Gummising's About Us Page
Gummising's About Us Page

Just like Terms and Policies pages, about us page is often not given much attention thinking that hardly anyone ever read this page. On the contrary, fresh readers do wish to know about you and this page is the only way to get connected with your work.

Many times about us page is immensely wasted with useless and extra words that no one cares about. You don’t need to accumulate everything, get on with something simpler and attractive. How? Well, here are a few tips:

Readers don’t care about you

The Internet users don’t like spending too much time on a website, they visit for a purpose. The moment the purpose is fulfilled, they leave, which hardly lasts for a few seconds.

Gaining their trust and constant attention is a big deal, and your about us page can help you a lot with that. The page must ensure that you are helpful to them.

While using the web, we all share these 3 major habits:

  • We are anxious
  • We are looking for something specific
  • We scan pages instead of reading line by line or word by word.

Consequently, we can’t expect our readers to stay more than twenty seconds on our page. So, how to delight them by informing them about us in the best way possible?

When they care to visit the About Us page

Considering myself as a reader, there are several reasons for me to visit someone’s about us page:

  • I want to be self-assured about the company’s reputation.
  • I want to know all the possible services a company can provide.
  • I want to know about the company’s staff members and contact them for professional work.
  • I, as a business, want to be sure of their credibility.

Every page is written with a unique purpose. If not, then throw it away. If someone lands on your about us page, they are looking for unique elements that separate you from your competitors. So, avoid using heavy jargons, show them why you? Use plain English, else they are already gone.

ToyFight's About Us Page
ToyFight's About Us Page

Here are a few suggestions:

  • To build trust, use someone’s name, working in your, who has great credibility and won several awards and recognition.
  • If you say your CEO or the company is recognized as “Most Influential Employee of the Year”, “Most Innovative Blockchain Company for Banking and Financial Businesses for the year 20XX” or something else, people will assuringly lend their trust in you.
  • It isn’t important if the specific person is famous or not, he/she needs to have proofs of their credibility and awards are the best way to do so.
  • Avoid writing about their education and university names, or their numbers of years with the company. Would you yourself be interested in someone’s educational background or rather in their corporate achievements?
  • Another method is to upload videos that show inner-working of your company and also the environment of your company. People feel connected by watching such videos. You can also include some of your employees speaking about their experience within the company.
  • If your company is a fresher, or if you are a sole-proprietor, discuss the previous work that you must have done to gain experience. Including animated videos is also a reliable option.

Even if your website is meant for non-profit purposes, the above-mentioned points still apply to you.

  • The about us page is never created to boast about your employees and other members.
  • Through this page, you need to engage your readers by telling them why they must trust these employees to solve their problems.
  • In case, you don’t have established credit yet and you want the readers to do business with you, then the best way is to arouse their emotions. In short, humanize your company, no one likes an emotionless corporate machine.
  • Your readers are, certainly, human beings who work on emotions. Let them know real people run your company and they are here to focus on the readers’ problem. To get a closer look at this subject, visit sites that work in your niche.

Humour works every time

We openly convey our thoughts to someone we trust. We more often trust those people who have a great sense of humor and are funny. The reason is they make us feel light-hearted and give us the courage to speak our mind.

Their sense of humor shows they never take themselves too seriously and indicates there’re high chances that they’ll understand our needs.

Someone said it right, “Comedy is a serious business.” It’s difficult being funny. Visit the about us pages of famous websites and you’ll be impressed by how their humorous take on themselves disarm you instantly.

Points to Remember while Writing About Us Page

Here is a checklist to write to the point about us page. If you already run a website, does it's about us page satisfactorily answers following points:

  • Who are my targeted readers?
  • What is their purpose for visiting my site or other similar sites?
  • What makes my company better than my competitors?
  • What should my readers do next after reading the page?

Avoid these lines to prevent your page from being messy

  • Avoid using statements that show your mission such as “We are committed to…”, “We strive to…”, or “Our goal is to…” These words are somewhat obsolete and overused.
  • Everyone knows how committed you are when you actually finish the work on time. It’s about your practicality in accomplishing the projects, rather than speaking volumes about it on your page.

Speak less, do more. Don’t let it be mere your words to convince your readers, let your action do the best. Use social proof to engage better and more reliable readers.

© 2019 Prachi Sharma


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