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Is blogging still a lucrative hobby to earn online money? - Perhaps not

Updated on November 16, 2015

Writing online is a spare time activity for me alike others but has explicated with time as a purposeful activity just to become a source of authentic information to needy people who don't have much time to waste looking meaningful information. Often people get frustrated when they fail to find useful information and links on various sites take them to different advertisements on various sites and authentic information still appears a far cry for them. It's not a hidden secret that bloggers earn generate money when someone clicks on the ads being displayed intermittently on their blogs or articles. There was a time when people could say that earning few hundreds to few thousand dollars was not a difficult task if a blogger had few hundred blogs. However, percentage of such claimant would heavily drop to single digit if assessed in true sense.

Old hubbers had various ways to attract new writers to hubpages to act as referrals since some portion of their earnings was contributed by hubpages to old hubbers. Here purpose is not to make in-depth study of revenue resources to hubbers from writing but it won't be out of context to mention that several experiments on part of hub administration to help hubbers earn more revenue through various means such as becoming publishers of google adsense (ads based program), eBay and amazon products gave useful results and many hubbers earned good revenue as online earning just from part time writing and some of them, in fact, became passionate to become full time contributors. There are various hidden pages of the story describing the hubpages own ads programs, sponsored ads and text based ads etc. There were times even when ubpages contributed to hubbers from its own earnings in case of drops of hubbers' income due to change of alogarithms. This period on the hubpages may be known as the golden period. Author of this hub knows hundreds of hubbers who earned handsome unknown amounts from various programs. However, many of old hubbers who were the experts in attracting millions of viewers left hubpages for various reasons such as apathy of hubber-turned administrators, ego problems, transfer of administrative activities to unskilled staff and scaling down of free and frank discussion on hub forums. Perhaps the biggest mistake was acquiring some sinking blogging sites. Copyright issues also devalued reputation of site since best quality content from the hubpages was copied on other sites in the same language or after translation to other sites in languages such as French, German, Spanish and Swiss etc. A big jolt was stroked to top hubbers by hackers who pasted publishers' IDs of top hubbers on objectionable content to stimulate google to kick them out from publishers' lists.

Income of hubbers/bloggers has dipped to bottom in last 2-3 years and earnings has drastically come down. Many hubbers tried to test their luck at sites like bubbles but these turned out to be great shock in the end. Its not allowed to disclose the income of hubbers under the publisher's rules and also not in the interest of the bloggers as well to tell on a public platform but trend shows that blogging will die its own death very soon if values of the clicks or commissions to the publishers is not increased. Other way to keep alive blogging may be find out by the ad sites that devise ways to earn money from ads revenues on the websites. Author of this account has contributed lot to make his profile a source of career options for unemployed and students in India has found stock trading more profitable than wasting lot of valuable time synthesizing valuable information to the clients.


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