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It Beats Me!

Updated on November 19, 2009

Beats...Me!! ©-MFB III

I have been beaten
for poetic stands
against wars
men have generated,
and I have
been beaten
during war in the
name of liberty,
and emerged a victor
over the scars.
I have sat with
great poets of
many years and
expounded thought
into form that would
astound gods.
I have stood on
stages and moved
audiences to tears
and laughter,
and simply been
comfortably numbed
by it all.
if you are beat
in any way by what
life hands you,
and you wail
or shout with joy,
or dance in verbs
across a page
then you too
are a beat poet.
Thus ignoramuses
of tender years or

old school that

claim to know
what is beat....

those who are

always arguing against
the beat of other's
hearts into script
usually have it
spelled it wrong
and are simply
thinking of that
purple vegetable
that is similar to
their pickled minds.


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