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It Could Have Been Me... and Then I Was Saved

Updated on March 28, 2012

Thinking back to nights when I fell asleep full of fright, not knowing if I would wake to see the sunlight, to hear the birds sing or smell the sweet fragrance that morning dew brings... I realize today, that it was my strength He was building up inside... IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME, AND THEN I WAS SAVED!

On the outside I wore many mask, having a different one to choose from depending on the time and place my presence graced... Not accepting who it was I was perfectly created to be, but falling into the trap of being complacent with my inner mistaken identity.

Crying out to Him unconsciously, begging for forgiveness in all the wrong ways, failing to grasp the concept of "If I just pray", Claiming in so many blasphemous ways that I could do it on my own... IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME, AND THEN I WAS SAVED!

I will never forget the time nor the place when I shouted to Him "No more can I take, I turn it all over to You". Falling to me knees, with my hands lifted to the heavens as tears started to stream... my life flashed before me, the good times, the bad, the guilt and the shame, the storms and the rain, the pressures of what life can bring.

Just like a book, I wrote my own pages. Just like a song I orchestrated my own tune. Just like a mother going through labor, I knew that my re-birth was soon ... IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME, AND THEN I WAS SAVED!

Copyright 2012. Marcella Woodson-Ursery


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