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It Would Be Easy To Say

Updated on September 9, 2010

It would be easy to say I love you, words casually left hanging in the air

It would be easy to say that you mean so much to me, having eased a life to hard to bear.

To say that you are everything, my beginning and my end, glides easily from my tongue, like a thank you and how are you today.

And surely true these easy things would be, but they cower in the shadow of the completeness of the love I have for you.

There is a story written by a Brazilian author that talks about a man who has everything, yet finds himself eternally discontent, always looking outside of himself , seeking contentment from afar. His soul is a ragged crevice, hollowed out, longing to be filled.

The man sets out on a journey to the four corners of the world in a quest to fill his soul void, this mirage- like image of contentment, his image of shelter from the storm.

And on this journey he discovers many wondrous things, his wildest dreams come true. And yet he continues to wander, empty and without direction, aimlessly trudging through the wreckage of his mind.

Along the way the man meets a wise sage. And the wise man offers to guide him to the destination that has been his life’s desire.

“Follow me and I will lead you to contentment, and you will see the meaning of life and your role in it.” said the wise man.

And so they travel for many days and nights, the man losing faith in his guide until he sees the familiar outline of his home village illuminated in the brightness of a brilliant sunrise.

Soon the they are standing in front of the house which the man left so many months ago in pursuit of his happiness.

Pointing to the floor that the man had walked over unaware for so many years, the wise man says, “There, beneath the floor, there my friend lies what you have been so hungrily searching for.

Dropping to his knees the man pries back the worn plank of wood from the floor, revealing a treasure so brilliant that it nearly blinded him at the site of it.

And I am the wanderer, you the treasure buried in plain site. The quicksilver mirage of my dreams forever taking form, and as I get closer I can see that it is you, it has always been you.

It would be easy to say I love you.



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    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 7 years ago

      Shaz, thank you for remembering me, it is good to be back and to see you, hope you are well!

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

      Words are easy... I love you are words but it is the action behind this is what matters.

      This really is a beautiful piece. Thanks, my friend, and good to see some more of your work x

    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 7 years ago

      Hey Nikki, thanks for your thoughtful comment,hopefully we can all feel this way at some point, take care!

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 7 years ago from Louisiana

      thats wonderful, and so true, we search for happiness when all along it was right in front of us, we just dont always see it, always wanting more, more, more, when more is not what we need, not what we are searching for, it only blurs our vision from our true happiness. im not saying settle for less but realize when something is more than what u think it is. aprreciate the little things in life you will go far.

    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 7 years ago

      Thank you for reading, hope you are well

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Wow. That was not only beautiful, but profound. Two thumbs up.


    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 7 years ago

      Shana tova to you as well, thank you for your comment, it is nice to see you again. Take Care!

    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 7 years ago from New York, NY

      Shana Tova my friend, and thank you for this beautiful story to start the new year off with :)