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It is not about the past, it's about the love

Updated on May 24, 2011

It is foolish if you don't believe that we learn from them as much as they learn from us. It is another lesson in life to learn.

We watch, we teach, we grow together
We watch, we teach, we grow together | Source

Life is the memories between the photographs we take to always remember the fun we have had

cuddle and smile
cuddle and smile | Source
braid her hair
braid her hair | Source
let her know you will always be there
let her know you will always be there | Source
watch in amazement
watch in amazement | Source
as they learn
as they learn | Source
 hold them tight
hold them tight | Source
and don't let them go...
and don't let them go... | Source

I Just Wanted You To Love Me

Not now
Don’t make a sound
I don’t have the time to figure it out

Go away
No, I don’t want to play
And I’m too busy with me, to hear what you say

Don’t Cry
It doesn’t matter to me
What you are feeling or why tears run down your cheek

No Time
I am too busy for this
More important than you-are my “Things to do list”

Go Away
Not a good time
For me to take a moment
To show or teach you about life

Be good
Don’t act up
If you don’t act right, Ill bust your butt

You are in the way
Bad Children today
Don’t get to go outside to run and play

I said NO
Why don’t you listen?
Why don’t you disappear, JUST GO


Please don’t scream
Tell me how to act
And the way you want me to be

Love me.
I love you so much
No matter what I do, I guess I will never be enough

Your words hurt
I am so sorry
I just want for you to love me.

This is all your fault
Who I am now
Is not who I was

I will explain my pain
The more I tried
The less I gained

You let me down
You turned your back
You shut me out

I counted on you
To show me life
But you never thought I was worth your time

Don’t you see?
You gave up on me
You tore me down when I needed you to believe

Now it is my turn
I am right hear
Teaching as I learned

Change I must
Because it is not about the past
It is about the love.

Do Not Misuse Your Powers as a Parent

Hate-Neglect-Abuse and non healthy behavior is passed down from generation to generation. Children need there parents to see them. To love them- to encourage them, in all that they do. Children look to their parents for guidance and support, even when they act up and do wrong. Ignoring a child and pushing them off until you can conveniently find time to see them, is neglectful use of the power you have to influence and develop greatness. Use your power wisely and influence a life in the right way.

We are spitting images of our parents, because we learn how to behave, perceive things and deal with issues by watching our parents deal with theirs. Please love; take time to see, to listen, to show, to play and to explain life and all that this world offers. Your power is magical- use it with care to give a good outlook on life and the world.

LOVE YOUR CHILDREN… Always-not just when they earn it, because when they least deserve your love is when they need it the most.

My reasons for trying to be better are two that deserve the best...

A reason to try...
A reason to try... | Source
and continue to try harder...
and continue to try harder... | Source

You were always too busy to see me

You were too busy to see me standing there.
I shouted for you to stop and understand.
But you didn’t and I soon gave up.
And I wasn’t taught any way to love.

Tears fell down, every day
I reached out for you as you turned and walked away.
A child so small so pure and full of life,
Hope for the future is replaced with their neglect and lies.

See that child standing there,
Trying to fake some way to feel
Wishing one day that they would be real.

And I am not so sure
If I am the woman or that girl
But I am not willing
To ruin a life
And give an innocent child
That kind of struggle within their life.


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    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 6 years ago from Lone Star State

      kimh039-well thank you ma'am... I am so happy to be able to relay my thoughts to everyone and get such positive feedback, thanks for taking the time to read and to comment

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 6 years ago

      excellent message and well said. thanks hcporter.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 6 years ago from Lone Star State

      acaetnna- love certainly is the ultimate prize, and the best way to live fully. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by to read :)

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 6 years ago from Lone Star State

      haikutwinkle, Well thank you- I am glad! Thanks for leaving a comment!

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

      This is totally beautiful. Love is the ultimate prise and what I live by on a daily basis. Awesome and definitely voting up.

    • haikutwinkle profile image

      haikutwinkle 7 years ago

      Liked it!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      Thank you ma'am, I am honored you were able to stop by and read some of my work-specially this poem. I am glad you likes the message. Thanks again-I truly do appreciate all the wonderful feedback!

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 7 years ago from Southern California

      This is so awesome, beautiful and poignant, and the song added the finish to it. Your poem reminds me of the Harry Chapin son, "Cat's In The Cradle." Again very good, loved it.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      Jaggedfrost- Thank you for reading and giving me some of your feedback- I appreciate the thought.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      Veronica Allen- as always, you are so very encouraging and I am always pleased that you are able to relate to my work and pull something from it. Thank you so much for always commenting!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      MonicaRobinson - Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it so much and am happy that you are enjoying some of what I have contributed to hub pages :)

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      CheyenneAutumn- Thank you, I appreciate the feedback and am glad that you liked the poem :)

    • MonicaRobinson profile image

      MonicaRobinson 7 years ago

      Great hub! Loving our children, giving them our attention AND accepting them for who they are is a parents' most important "job description", we all need reminders every now and then. It is a balance of needs and wants, measured with love, pressure releases and some guilt. I love reading your hubs!

    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 7 years ago from Georgia

      Very powerful H.C. We parents need reminders such as these to help us to see just how important it is to put our kids first. We need to get our priorities straight and ensure that our children are getting the time and attention they need.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      It was an interesting dynamic, first you were talking from the point of view of a parent who needs a serious attitude adjustment to the point of view of a child begging for love on any terms then to a omniscient observer with an sermon for those who don't understand the concepts. This all would be laughable except for from my observations as well it is actually more needed then not. I almost missed the transition between the first and second phase though.

    • CheyenneAutumn profile image

      CheyenneAutumn 7 years ago

      No matter the age we are all children who need to know we matter, that is it important we are here and that our voices count, as do our tears and our questions. Beautiful post H.C.

      Thank you


    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      thank you! I appreciate it!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      thanks for the comment! I am so glad you enjoyed the poem

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      Mike Lickteig

      thanks mike- ahhh, yes- I am aware, but still have to remind myself of the same things i try to remind others of in my work... but i do agree with your comment- show others who you hope they will become by being that person yourself.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      Daniel Carter

      awww...thanks, and i always love to read the feedback you leave within your comments. you are very lucky to have children and now grandchildren to guide- and they are very lucky to have you as well.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      I completely agree... regardless of who is right-all that matters is that we are loved and know the way to love others. as always, thanks for your feedback on the poem :)

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      amy jane

      thanks for reading and I am so glad you appreciated the thought behind the poem.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      Christopher Price

      thanks for the great compliment. lol... some days i cry when i leave them at daycare- others i run from the daycare for the brief, but much needed break. but everyday i miss them for the time i am not with them... thanks for reading and for commenting

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      thanks for commenting nan- so glad you enjoyed!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      G-Ma Johnson

      thanks for the comment. being a mom is the best gift- as long as you are able to look at it the right way. many people let parent hood get the best of them (in the wrong way). I am glad you appreciated the gift

    • misscoles profile image

      Shawnic Coles 7 years ago from Baltimore


    • pan1974 profile image

      April 7 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      Your hub made me cry, it is so beautiful.

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      A very thought-provoking piece of work (and the photos were very special). We do to others what is done to us. If we are shown love, affection and support, we will show others the same. If we are shown indifference and irritation--we will inflict this on others, as well. You are so aware and thoughtful--your children are lucky to have you.

      Take care.


    • Daniel Carter profile image

      Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

      I always enjoy what you have to say, Holly. I'm a first time grand parent this past year, and it's an amazing process to watch my kids raise theirs. I'm proud of my kids for being good parents, but it's a very interesting thing to be in second position watching, as well as participating. It's a whole new experience.

      i hope you and yours are well and happy. Thanks for a great hub!

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 7 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Hi Holly, thanks for reminding us of the enormous impact our attention or inattention can have on our children. I like you focus on the love. I like to say it's not nearly as important to know who's right as it is to know who is loved. Love on! =:)

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 7 years ago from Connecticut

      Powerful and touching. It's too easy to get caught up in the other things in life...

      Thank you for that reminder.

    • Christopher Price profile image

      Christopher Price 7 years ago from Vermont, USA

      How nice it would be if those that need this encouragement would get it.

      As far as me, you are preaching to the choir. It was a good thing my kids had to attend school daily or I never would have been able to tear myself away to go to work.

      I'm retired now and two of my children are still going to school and living at home. They are my greatest blessing.

      Thanks for a poignant and powerful hub.


    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      I am blessed with love---that is for sure. I just need to remind myself to stop and appreciate it more often- it makes the world so much better than what it is when I spend my time stressing on insignificant things!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      Thanks! and Thanks for sharing it with others, that was very kind of you! I appreciate your input and your feedback on my writing.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) I am glad you liked the poem!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State

      The Suburban Poet

      Thanks so much. I am guilty of putting off my children so I can clean-work and do a billion other things I need to get just like everyone else, I also have to pause and think about what I am missing while I am cleaning-and what they are missing out on as well... Not worth the clean house, if you ask me.

    • profile image

      Nan 7 years ago

      Beautiful video of love and the innocence of children at their happy moments!

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 7 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Lee Ann's song says it all doesn't it...I love this..Thanks sometimes as we age we almost forget how wonderful those times were when they were growing up...I LOVED being a mom...still do...God Bless.. and dance every chance...:O) Hugs G-Ma

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I have a stack of grandchildren and am fortunate enough to be with them every day. I wrote a hub about love and we obviously think the same way about children. You are one of the wealthy in love.

      This is a valuable and lovely hub, thank you.

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

      Hey Holly, another great piece of writing. I'm glad to see you're pushing forward in your learning. You're inspiration to those who recognize your work/effort to learn. You would be correct also in what you say with regards to children. They need and deserve love at all times, and it shouldn't be something that is earned. Too many people put conditions on their emotions and this is ruining many different families. Stay strong, Be proud, Keep learning and I'll always be around to support your effort. Way to go! :) Thumbs up! :) Thank you again for sharing, as always it's a pleasure. :)

    • kookoo88 profile image

      kookoo88 7 years ago from Cripple Creek

      Very true. How we parent influences our children a great deal. Nice hub. :)

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      This is a very powerful and moving hub... Great job! I have two children so I know what you are saying....


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