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It is so Sad

Updated on June 6, 2011

It is so Sad

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

When tempest racks the core of life and we fall from grace,

our minds turn in and judgement make, our folly plain.

We often times allude to fault when life’s course is ambivalent,

no malice, no consideration, just the ebbing of cycles.

Humanity is fraught with judgement, vain attempts

at understanding what is, its nature and impediment,

trying to prevail over the flow of our humble existence.

We are so trite, so self-possessed in our meagre thoughts,

thinking that life can be fashioned in our image.

So bold and arrogant we think that life is a game we can master,

a set of rules we can learn and ascend to omniscience.

How feeble our quest when we know not of our world,

scratching the surface of knowledge and claiming power.

The answers to our desperate domination are within us,

around us in every flower petal, every grain of earth,

every life-and-death, rise and fall.

For all our intelligence we see nothing

that a solitary plant already knows, every cell in that state of being,

that pure unselfish knowledge of being part of life,

sharing without reserve, without judgement, in simplicity.

Humanity is a foreign species, taking, demanding,

driving out that which doesn’t suit, doesn’t advantage.

We are a poor, ignorant species, self-inflated with denial,

and at the mercy of all that we have chosen to rise above,

to judge as inferior.

It is so sad.


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