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It takes a Soldier

Updated on July 26, 2013

Friends are those we rely on but when they freak us out,they break not only our heart but our mind set. This was what Captain Joe did to me.

We both served in Iraq twice together and i took a bullet for him during our last deployment. I saw the enemy combat approaching our unit then opened fired at them, one of them climbed up the roof top and aimed at us from there but i spotted him on time, he had aimed Joe, i ran towards Joe and jumped on him from behind, already the trigger had been pulled but instead of hitting his head, the bullet hit my left forearm and i still maintained balance with my AK on my right hand and fired back at the bastard,killing him instantly.

It takes a Soldier to understand what i did..

I was deployed after our return from Iraq to serve with the elite unit in Afghanistan, away from home and my two sons and lovely wife then alone without my right hand man Captain Joe made that deployment boring. At first, i wanted to dodge it but good soldiers don't run away from fight no matter the circumstance.

I am Captain Ernest Jones, 35th Infantry Division...

I was away for a year and three months then finally my unit returned home safely, all of us and Cap. Joe and my whole family were there to welcome me and my fellow compatriots.

Cap Joe was very close to me...

Three days after my return, i had a heated argument with my wife because i realized that she was about to file a divorce while i was doing my duty for my country, for my son's future and for hers. I was out there fighting to keep home and my family safe and she was doing something inhuman. I did not cheated on her so what prompted the divorce?

She needed to explain so many things to me...

You see, i hate self pity or someone out there pitying me and i am not sharing this story to be pitied or perhaps mocked.I am a man and what i did although i now regret but i did it knowing very well what the out come will be, my tears is simply because of my kids.

He got into our argument...

I will make it short so not to waste your time, Captain Joe had been my childhood buddy and we enlisted into the military the same time,i am an engineer and he was a combat soldier, a very god one but he has been banging my wife and all the divorce thing from Clara 'my inestimable Juliet' was simply to abandon me and be with him.

How can i let that happen?
How can my best friends do this to me?
The two people i trusted most in my life?

"Wonders shall never end"

He tried to fight me in my own house because i stopped Clara from going out,she even told me boldly in my face that Joe was better than me in every aspect, she said that Joe was sexually open while i am a closed jail door. To worsen it, he pointed his revolver at me and threatened to shoot

They called it man slaughter...

Pointing that pistol arose the demon in me, you dare not point a gun at a fellow man, no! it is not acceptable so i kicked the pistol down from him and during our fight, Clara tried to pick the pistol,i saw her rushed towards it and if i hadn't done what i did,i will be the one at the other side of this story.

It was simply self defense...

I pushed Joe to the walls,i was stronger than him anyway and rushed towards the pistol before Clara did,i picked it and with the annoyance, the betrayal, the every kind of evil you can imagine,i fired all nine rounds.

It was simply self defense...

I hit both of them and my intention was to kill and i killed the two most wicked people i ever came across, yes i did the time, i am proud of it. I served my country and defended her of her enemies so defending myself from my own personal enemies justifies my plight.

You might consider me a demon but that i am not, i am a widower who defended his integrity,my regret is not because i killed them but because they were close to me, i miss them but you see, that was the only option for me.

By the way, imagine if Clara had picked that pistol.


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