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It will never be the same again

Updated on August 5, 2017
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Kulsum Afia is my pen name. I am currently doing my MD residency. I write only on topics that inspire me. Hope you enjoy my work !

The sunsets I missed courting worry,

The sunrises I wished wouldn’t dawn in a hurry,

The rains that drenched me, but did not my soul touch,

The wounds that none could see, but still which hurt a little too much.

They say it’s a broken heart, but it pains all over,

Some cuts run so deep that they cease to be just that,

They begin to define who you are,

Remnants from a battle you fought, lost and were left with a lifetime of scars.

Scars that remind me, not every man in a shining armour is a knight,

This too shall pass just like the long winter nights,

And one day, everything will be quite alright.

I chose to accept an apology that never came,

To overlook the what-ifs and have nots that became,

A prick in my existence as I tried to rebuild and my life reclaim,

Forgive and forget and undo and tame,

The belief that I was in love, and that you too felt the same.

Sometimes on a quiet night I think about you, about us.

What was, what could be and what will never be.

How you changed how I would perceive the world thus,

Think a million times before I blindly trust,

Meeting you, falling in love and then falling out of it wasn’t in vain,

Try as I might, it will never be the same again.

© 2017 Kulsum Afia


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 8 days ago from Riga, Latvia

      Poignant and lovely poetic thoughts.