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Item from a Friend

Updated on October 19, 2010

What is this

It is a short piece of writing i was required to make during the early bit of the year in 2010. It is like a guessing game. I wrote an ode to an object and the reader has to guess what it was. And before you ask. No I will not openly tell what it is. If you really want to know contact me in some manner and if I can trust you not to comment the answer on here I will tell you.

Item from a Friend

You are a house much like mine. You protect your goodies as my house protects me. Inside my house is colorful; posters advertising comic books. Your whole outside is an advertisement and you sit on that desk, backside full of puzzles, while my house has a yard behind it.

            Your larger cousins, (unpainted mansions compared to you) protect my eBay deliveries. Other cousins too have helped me store things and move stuff from place to place yet before now I gave you no respect. However, what you protect makes you part of a special rank in the grocery store.

Without windows, you show your inside residents “magnified for quality”. Odd your outside feels smooth while your contents are rough. Rough, that is, until it is time to eat them. They are flat squares and you are like a cuboid. I crave what you protect inside.  The taste I see in its swirls. Your soundless voice says your treasured residents have been roasted like breakfast toast.  I want to munch and crunch oh yes crunch upon your residents and cover them in bovine lactation. I want you, crave you, but I know you are hers, not mine, my friend’s sunrise treat and sadly not my own.


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