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It's A Whole New World

Updated on June 27, 2012

Turning An Idea Into Reality

I have tossed this idea around since I was a boy

Never really knowing what to do with it

Pushed it to the back of my mind

Feeling that urge time and time again

Repressing the same feeling often

Keeping my mind busy on other thoughts as to distract it once again

Only later the same thought comes back stronger and stronger

Looking around at the world and constantly wondering is this all there is to life

There has to be more

I pick up the newspaper every day and read

Is this what life is about or is this what people want to believe ?

How can each day be filled with so much horror

Where is the good that I was brought up to believe

How can I do what I want to do and not be dragged from a fast moving car out of control ?

How can I stay healthy and avoid being sick with so many diseases and problems on the rise ?

How can I survive in this world of ours ?

I was never sure and I still am uncertain

ButI stand before you forty years later

Now I have learned one important ingredient that I never did see

Like making mashed potatoes

You can make them a few different ways

Each way is about the same but a little different

Maybe one adds a touch of garlic to give it a unique taste

Another may whip the potatoes really smooth

Still another may be lumpy and have bits of potatoe skins

The bottom line is I love mashed potatoes

Anyway you make them

But this is where I went wrong

If I don't add the potatoes I have nothing but a recipe on paper

So for years I was afraid to try

I kept my secret in my head and afraid what other people would think

I never added the mashed potatoes and the result was

I missed out on the joys of all the flavors I could enjoy day after day

So here is my idea out of the blue

I take each day that is given and tallk about what really happened in the newspaper

Which I have heard and been brainwashed over the years to think is mostly bad

I have heard lines repeated over and over again like a stereo left on all through the night

Life is no good

The news is all bad

I don't read the newpaper or watch the news nothing good can come from it

Bad news sells

That is why they sell millions and millions of papers every day

Nobody likes to hear the good news

It is boring and dull

Who wants to hear about a single mom who loves her son

A dad who goes to work every day and only sees his children during the week when they are asleep

An overweight person who struggled all her life to lose just two pounds

A boy who never excelled in any subject in school and would of did anything he could for just one A

A little girl who is twelve who has a gift and talents well beyond her years

She is smart the kind that has a bright future and is going to change the world for the better some day

A pet cat that brought more happiness to an elderly woman than her whole family did over ninety years

A father and son who have such a bond that they do everything in the world together

The world that I see is different than the one I read and watch

It is my reality

The other news I see is all smoke and mirrors

Like a magician that can fool the whole audience into believing anything

I step out and reach for the sky and I am know longer under someones tight grip

I speak my mind and tell the world the way I see it

For years I had to listened to other people and take a back seat

Wrong as they were they had the power

To cause pain in thought

Which is far worse than any pain I could see

I was accused of having my head stuck in th sand

Life is not viewed with rosey colored glasses and all nice

People are cruel and they will sew you if they can

I purposely left the cr out

I call it clever reading where no one gets affended and the same point is still crossed

So this is my day like or not

I wish everyone else the best there is and join me in the fun

Not taking anything to seriously and twisting and turning until we are done

I see the bad news but it doesn't have to be permanent like my big black marker written on our forehead

It can be just a shade or a hint of grey where it underlines where the good is and where the good will always stay


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      PHILLYDREAMER We are all human and make mistakes.We also can change our mistakes and try to do better.All we have to do it want to.I have cut down my t.v. time a great deal but there is something to be said for the news.I am confused???I keep thinking the next story will be a good story.Wrong again.I put my positive thinking to work.I might need a little more time.Thanx for reading and keep thinking of ways to make our lives better.

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      Yes its all on us. I stopped watching the TV news a long time ago.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      PHILLYDREAMER If that is true how do we change what we know to a better life.It all begins now with impowering ourselves with a new choice that will help us instead of hinder our life.Thanx again and lets work together on changing our outcome for the better.

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      Very strong message. I got kind of distracted with the mash potato metaphor, because it made me want some, but I pushed through and took it all in. Sometimes I think the news is meant to keep us hopeless and desperate, because as long as we feel that way, we will keep working our miserable jobs to support our miserable lives, and let those who benefit from our work enjoy all the good things in life.