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It's Never Too Late

Updated on June 29, 2014

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It's Never Too Late

I've been waiting,
For my life to start,
Something to believe in,
But it seems to just fall apart.

This world never seems to be,
Quite what I expected,
We were so young...
Still naive and protected.

I was gonna grow up,
Be a mommy and wife,
Live in a cute little house,
Have a perfect little life.

Growing-up happened fast,
Becoming a mommy did too,
I'd have been a kid a little longer,
If only I knew.

Now a mommy of three,
Making it on my own,
Failed marriage behind me,
Stuck here all alone.

From slaving three jobs,
To, now, out-of-work,
Life seems to be creeping by,
Without the smallest perk.

Though the struggles are hard,
I know it's worth all the pain,
God promises to carry me through,
In my life, He'll always remain.

God will never leave my side,
So let the rain pour down,
I will praise Him in the storm,
He'll make a smile of my frown.

I'll live in God's will,
He knows what's best for my life,
Though times are hard,
GoOD will come from my strife.

I couldn't see it before,
'Til I learned to let go,
And give into God's love,
Now I can truly grow.

Now... I wait for my partner,
With whom my new life can start,
I know he's near my soul,
As close as the beat of my heart.

When I find my true love,
I won't push him away,
All searching will be over,
And everything will be okay.

Sooner or later,
I'll choose not to run,
For I know one day,
It's my prince that'll come.

So I choose to believe,
In God's will... over fate,
I can still have my dream life,
No... it's never too late.


Follow up:

Written over 5 years ago, I love looking back and seeing where I was and where God has brought me. I forget that I had, albeit, a little bit of hope with God on my side back when I was going through divorce, bad dating experiences, and my stubborn, self-willed ways. I seemed to always dig myself a hole of pain, and bury myself deep in it. But, thankfully, God would always touch my heart and let me know that I was not alone. Years later, I have my dream-life. Of course it will always come with hard work and character-building trials, but I couldn't be more grateful or happy. Thank you, Father, for never leaving me nor forsaking me!

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    • Gods Provision profile image

      Jeremy n Michelle 3 years ago from Texas

      Helping us become overcomers is what Jesus is all about.

    • jeremycolombo profile image

      jeremycolombo 3 years ago

      The idea of starting over can be quite overwhelming. It is always good to hear that someone has overcome the challenges involved. Thank you for sharing!

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 3 years ago from Singapore

      Lovely hub, made interesting reading

    • Michelle Ascani profile image

      Michelle Ascani 3 years ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      I definitely want others to learn from my mistakes or incorrect views. I do believe God allowed me to make so many foolish choices, knowing He would use it all for GOoD. Now I am a therapist, and get to enlighten so many going through similar things I have faced. And it REALLY is a blessing for ME more than it is to them. I never could have seen that my troubles would help others. I love the way God works.

    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 3 years ago from Orange County, California

      Maybe His plan isn't necessarily for something better, but for you to inspire others to hope for something better in their own lives, as you do with this poem.

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      Sometimes I wonder what God has planned because I can't see how where I am now is going to lead to something better. Yet as poem shows, God has a plan and he'll be with us through everything.

    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 3 years ago from Orange County, California

      A direct poetic telling of life's sometimes unpredictable ups and downs. Sometimes we forget that God is in charge, and that all of it, is on his time table and not our own. I am happy to hear that it all worked out for you in the end. Voted up and useful.