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It's On My To-Read List

Updated on October 1, 2012
Hopefully, this graduation gift will help me fulfill my goal!
Hopefully, this graduation gift will help me fulfill my goal!

If I had to describe myself as a reader, I would say I'm a science-fiction fan. I try to be well balanced in my reading but the science-fiction (and fantasy) genre is the one I get excited about. When I walk into a Barnes and Noble, or any book store, the first place I go is to the science-fiction/ fantasy section. I get excited to see all the classics still selling, and all of the new books that have just come out. It's great, and I could sit all day, staring at the shelves, wondering which one I should read next.

But, if I had to describe myself a second time, I would say I'm woefully under-read. As a self-proclaimed fan of the genre, I haven't even touched the stuff that gets the real acclaim. I have made some progress, I've read Dune, Ender's Game , Starship Troopers , and some Asimov, but, in all honesty, I'm still very new to the genre.

And so, this now becomes its own adventure. I will read the great (and not so great) books I missed growing up and become one of those who can claim to be well-read in the world of science-fiction and fantasy. Of course, I won't just log the progress, being an opinionated graduate; I'll be reviewing and critiquing the books along the way. But that's what I love about the genre, there's so much to talk about. I could spend all day just discussing the terra-forming in Red Mars, but then I'd miss the great society that it built.

It should also be said that what I consider great and important, others might not agree. While I think most people will say Neuromancer is an important contribution to the world of science-fiction (and one I haven't read), I hear little about the Mars trilogy or Michael Crichton. And that's just science-fiction. If I'm a toddler of sci-fi, than I'm still a newborn in the world of fantasy, barely able to recognize the shapes in front of me. I've read some important stuff that I'll talk about, but I haven't even touched the genres true potential.

I hope others can find this adventure worth following. I hope others can suggest books to me. I hope, someday, I can be in a room talking to experts of the genre and hold my own. I would love to discuss the power of The Forever War. But until then, it's on my to-read list.


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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      Great Hub, and a good idea to put a to-read list on HubPages. You should include Amazon or ebay capsules featuring The Forever War and other books so readers can click and learn more about the books. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Hubbing! P.S. The only other person I know who went to Houghton was a comm major... Have fun!