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It's Writer's Block, Again!

Updated on May 13, 2011

I am suffering from writer’s block today. Thirty hubs in 30 days is a lot harder than I thought. I have to overcome this and think of something to write.

When I awoke this morning, my mind started thinking about what to write about. Usually by the time I get to the kitchen at least three ideas pop into my head. Even my scrambled eggs provided no inspiration.

Off to my home office I went to check my email and the headlines. Still nothing. It just wasn’t clicking today. I decided to hit the gym for an aerobic workout that should get the creative juices flowing. After a one hour workout and a ten minute drive back and forth still nothing. Even the guys that were filling potholes that I passed provided no inspiration. I really hate potholes and with the winter we had some of them are the size of a child’s wading pool. They do wonders for your car’s front end if you hit one of them.

Jumped in the shower and still no inspiration. Why can’t I get it together today? I am a creative person. Grabbed a small sandwich for lunch, and the turkey didn’t stimulate the creative juices. Back to the office to answer some email. Why do companies ask for your salary range before they give you an interview? Why don’t they just tell you what the range for the position is and ask if you want to go further in the interview process? If the salary is lower than what you want you may still be interested in the position for other reasons. Maybe a shorter commute is what you are after or you want to perfect a skill that you haven’t used too much. Still no creative idea for today’s hub. Ugh!

Went to my son’s high school volleyball game, he has been playing this sport since fifth grade. This has been a frustrating year for the boy and his game. Of well, at least he is learning that life isn’t easy. Wait until he gets to the real world and has to deal with a boss. He’ll long for his high school volleyball days. I’m sure of it. Still no ideas, tomorrow is another day.

Oh wait, I think I have overcome my writer’s block for today by writing about it. Maybe tomorrow I will write about spring. Did I mention that I saw my first robin today? A sure sign for me that warm weather is just around the corner.


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    • MAlvesSchemetow profile image

      MAlvesSchemetow 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks Lidian. Trying to write every day is tough. Good luck!

    • Lidian profile image

      Lidian 6 years ago

      Writer's block, and yet you wrote a great Hub! Which is more than I've done today. I wanted to write one a day but...oh, it's hard. I write other stuff too, blogs and freelance things, and it was SO hard to get one blog post out today. Not inspired at all.