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Accepting NYU is an honor

Updated on January 9, 2017

school's in

It's about all that darn time I spent wondering where I would go to college. I spent years wondering and then Trinity College opened it's doors wide open. Then, I couldn't fathom not going to graduate school. All the applications rolled in and none rolled back with an acceptance letter. These were dreams of going directly into graduate school and nonetheless a Masters was destined to come in between the Doctorate and me. Now, the Masters and NYU, will serve me more than well. I look forward to learning all that I can and I advise all students who are attentive and interested to pursue the same transtitions and embark on a journey and never allow the closed doors to slam. Allow them to remain ajar and be glad to live in a country when you can study and pursue your dreams. Whatever they may be or become. Let's allow for humanity to find peace in knowing all the effortful dreams can be realized.



Welcome to NYU!!


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