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It's funny how we call this life

Updated on August 19, 2014

Been fighting, and for what do I gain,

Ample pain, and lots of rain,

Great risks, and many souls adrift,

The Sick suffering so many nights, death seems like a gift,

Grieving the departed, despising the living,

Caring for ourselves, forgetting thanksgiving,

Making a future for the world, smearing our way of life,

Confusing the youth, showing them strife, rather than giving better advice,

Pleasing society, and fulfilling substance to pleasure,

Not knowing the measure of life, how valuable the difference between wrong and right, settling for lesser,

So I laugh on the outside, to hide my cries, and ride this gale we call life.


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    • Crystalhubbard profile image

      Crystal Hubbard 3 years ago from Tulsa,Ok

      Loved it

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      Oh, two of the farthest things from my mind. No wonder I did not know.


    • kljones86 profile image

      Along with the wind 3 years ago from colorado

      what I mean is that, all of the suffering from sick people that hav cancer or alzheimer's disease, they suffer so much that the best way seems to just pass on. Sad but it seems that way after so much fighting for so long. you know? Thanks as always for reading also.

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      Hi Kelvin, I did not fully understand this one - especially the part "death seems like a gift" - maybe because to me life is a gift. I still gave it a thumbs up, shared and pinned it.