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It's nearly post time, folks, let's see how the cats (I mean racers) stack up....

Updated on October 19, 2016
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I have owned cats for over 60 years. Between them and their vets, I have learned a great deal about how they tick.

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First up is Tigger, weighing in at 16 pounds.Next up is Dusty, weighing in at 19 pounds.Next up are Tiger, 23 pounds of muscle and Cocoa with 19 pounds of strength.Lastly, there's Salty, weighing in at 18 pounds.
First up is Tigger, weighing in at 16 pounds.
First up is Tigger, weighing in at 16 pounds. | Source
Next up is Dusty, weighing in at 19 pounds.
Next up is Dusty, weighing in at 19 pounds. | Source
Next up are Tiger, 23 pounds of muscle and Cocoa with 19 pounds of strength.
Next up are Tiger, 23 pounds of muscle and Cocoa with 19 pounds of strength. | Source
Lastly, there's Salty, weighing in at 18 pounds.
Lastly, there's Salty, weighing in at 18 pounds. | Source

Let's look at the participants of this all important race, folks!

First up is Tigger; he’s a tiger with a white belly and paws; weighing in at 16 pounds. He’s raring to go in this competition, don’t know if we can keep him back long enough for the actual start of the race! Second in the line-up is Dusty; he’s a 19 pound gray tiger with wide eyes and sleek long hair. What a race this will be, folks! The competition is intense. Third in the line-up is Cocoa; he’s a pure black short-haired babe from a mini-calico. He’s got the typical evil-orange eyes and he weighs in at 19 pounds as well. What a line-up! Fourth is Tiger; he’s a yellow tiger weighing in at 23 pounds with green eyes, short hair, and a vicious temper. He’s the favorite for this race, folks, but the competition is fierce. Fifth up, and last in the line-up is Salty; he’s a black striped tiger with all the markings of a Maine Coon. He weighs in at 18 pounds and has eyes that would scorch any adversary should he turn in their direction.

What a shame....
What a shame.... | Source

That's the line up---And They're Off!

Well, folks, that’s the line up for this terrific race. Take your seats now, as the race is about to begin. Its gonna be a tight race, so hang onto your seats. AND THEY’RE OFF! It’s Tiger first out of the bullpen! He’s already warmed up and quickly pulls out ahead. Salty is next, by a tail. Dusty escapes next with his head high and his tail curled. Tigger takes up the rear, his fur flying since he was cleaning when the gate opened. But, what’s this? Where’s Cocoa? It seems we’ve lost a contestant, folks, he seems to have slipped away for some refreshment! What a shame, he had lots of promise.

Now Dusty's gone?  Is there a cat-napper about?
Now Dusty's gone? Is there a cat-napper about? | Source

Too bad about Cocoa, but what's this?

The contestants are rounding the first bend. It’s Tiger in the lead, with Salty a close second, Tigger third and, why, where did our Dusty go? He seems to have disappeared as well. First Cocoa and then Dusty. Do we have a cat-napper in our midst?

The race is a tight one, folks!

The runners, now down to three, are running for all they’re worth. They have made the second corner and what a race! Salty has taken the lead now, folks, with Tiger second and Tigger a close third. Now they are neck and neck heading for the third turn. Now it’s nose to nose. So close! How can we ever determine the winner? Now it’s Salty in the lead by a whisker, Tiger a close second and Tigger third. They slide through the last turn side by side. Who will win this incredible race? Wait, Tigger is moving up. He’s whisker to whisker with Tiger. Now he’s past Tiger and heading for the leader, Salty. Salty sees the contender and he bursts ahead by a nose. It’s Tigger and Salty; with Tiger on the outside. Tigger and Salty, Tiger is closing fast. Tigger, wait, Salty is gaining once more and Tiger has drawn even with the pack. What a race, folks, what a race!

They are in the final seconds of the race now!

All three are dead even as they near the finish line. No wait, Tigger pulls ahead by a nose; no, Salty is ahead now; wait there goes Tiger! Who will win this incredible race, folks? Who will be the champ? They are seconds from the finish, there’s the checkered flag and….and…..Uh, let me check the stats on this, folks, before I announce the winner.

The Winner's Circle!!  And the guy with the white mittens had joined up.  Will he be in the next race?
The Winner's Circle!! And the guy with the white mittens had joined up. Will he be in the next race? | Source

I don't believe this, folks!!!

We have a three way tie! A three way tie; who could have seen that outcome. And here they are in the winner’s circle, with Cocoa, who seems to have worn himself out trying to find them; and it looks as if they have been joined by a completely new contender. Mittens has joined the winners in their circle. We can't help but wonder if he will be joining the next race here at Feline Racing!

Goodbye for now, folks, and good luck on your next race!

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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