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It's Fine...

Updated on July 11, 2014

When you're falling to pieces
And ignore my open arms

When you bleed from your wounds
And stab me when I heal them

When you cry from your loss
And dismiss my existence

When you pray at night
And wish I disappear

When I'm there to comfort you
And I remain your enemy

When you place blame on me
And I take the wrath

When you fall in pain
And do that same to me

When you follow your religion
And say I'll go to hell

When you vent your emotions on me
And I wait for your patience

When you look for the one
And I happen to be the last

When you seek out knowledge
And forget what I've taught

When you leave away
And I pace back and forth

When you call me a friend
And only take what you want

When you call me your family
And never call to see how I am

When you pass me on the street
And lay your first judgment

When you say I'm your hero
And gossip of me....

It's fine.

- © 2013 by Brandon Jared Martin


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