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J.J. c:

Updated on July 8, 2010

i really fucked up back then
an now we talk about it all again
what i did was real real bad and if i could take it back
i would do so

so much to hold an nothing's inscribed
would love to talk about it
but you don't want to
an i understand why

love hate i'd appreciate
all the things we said throughout the day
unbelievably hurt an i deserve it
things from the past do hurt an i learned from it

i loved the smiles an days you stayed awhile
no matter the ways i loved your style
so good
so clean
so cute
i wished one day it would just be me an you

thats gone now an it sucks
but the mutual friendship makes it worth it though
an once again you watch it all
living life nicely i'll give you a call



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