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watching over

Updated on February 18, 2010

 "The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other."

Mario Puzo

JL Giorgio interview

This little known fiction titled "Watching Over Me" by JL Giorgio caught my attention on so many levels. As I read this novel depicting unimaginable horror, I surmised the reason it was deemed fiction, but later discovered I couldn't be more wrong.

Moreover I found myself compelled toward the emotional conflict of fear and terror, combined with determination and martyrdom. Finally, what drove me to the edge was my emotional investment in justice being done. A passive "law abiding" ethical person transformed into a wild eyed stranger, praying vicariously for blood vengeance.

I'm anxious to get right to the interview, but first it's traditional to thank the interviewee for imposing upon them due to the nature of the intimacy of the questions.

A point of interest, JL refused my request several times due to her ongoing fear regarding the possibility of future repercussions. In order to ensure her families' protection from harm and privacy she agreed to answer only a couple questions.

As one reads your account of fear there is an overwhelming sense of fact as opposed to fiction. Was it simply creative license that was the determining factor for classifying the book as fiction or the process of veracity for non-fiction works?

How can we measure fear and the chemical reaction in the human spirit? What we are capable of enduring is an individual journey. I can only answer that question from my own experiences.

Without giving too much away to those who have not yet read my story I can tell you, somehow my terror was overpowered by my determination to accomplish my goal "within the law" (although honestly I wanted to say, Screw the law) and rescue my grandson any way I could.

Fear can only get in the way is what I constantly told myself. I did have to push past it every day and trust the darkness would lead to light but it was not without doubt, struggle and indecision. I was in another place...somehow I detached from my human body and my raw emotions.

My daughter affectionately called me "Rice Krispies" She said I snapped, crackled, and all she was waiting for was the "POP".

The level of intensity, the combination of fear and terror, the unknown elements of what's to follow, the suspense. I can't imagine living life day after day under those conditions, yet I think the reader gleaned that from your portrayal. Is that the product of truth; living your life one second at a time?

In answer to the many times I've been asked, Yes, I did take creative license, but not as the reader would expect. How much is true...all of it...but it has been played down quite a bit...I am still protecting my family.

Too many horrible, unspeakable things happened for me to put down on paper and bare my soul entirely for all to read. So much is still kept inside me. I would rather my family does not know the true extent of the darkness of addiction and where it lead me.

That's a journey I want no one to share...that's mine...The important thing is that I hope by sharing as much as I did it will help someone else who is stumbling along the path of the unknown and give them faith and hope...that all things are possible if you believe and that no matter how long or hard the journey...we are never truly alone.

Angel Blessings,


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    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 8 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Thx. JLG,

      good book sales karma to you..gjf

    • profile image

      Jolynne Giorgio 8 years ago

      It was my pleasure to do an interview with such an understanding fan. It was and still is my main priority to protect my family and grandson, but also to give hope to others who find themselves in my situation. The first 25 people to visit my website and mention this interview can receive a autographed book signed by Thomas and myself or contact me at

      Angel Blessings