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Updated on December 31, 2010


Julie dashing for some time 
had hardly had the chance to rhyme
when all at once a voice she heard 
and soon could rhyme with every word.

The voice so distant and yet so pure
Had something special to allure
deep resonant tones of hue and colour
with a vibrant wafting lilting cover.

Heard she not a sound so sweet
yet dark inviting off her feet
relax a while and still your heart
will be forever till we do part.

Closing eyes and drifting fast
with every breath longer from last
a sleep so deep in darkest halls
with head so light there were no walls.

Taken from this mortal realm
with resonant voice still at the helm
destination as yet unknown
rainbow patterns on senses blown.

Many hours of travel later
arrive atop a mountain crater
looking down so deep so wide
sunshine bright nowhere to hide.

Life blood flowing in magma coarse
rumbling plateau of ancient force 
supply to those who need the dressing
a taste of mother natures blessing.

Then ever onwards up she went
until outside the firmament
Glimpse of earth tween fleeting cloud
could she once more be with the crowd.

Mind expanded fears released
no more worry of man nor beast
certain of the things she write
but only able during night.

For with the dawn come to the table
an ending dire for tis a fable
resonant voice belongs to brother
who died along with Julie's mother.

Ten years gone fell off this world
an accident into tempest hurled
bodies lost but not their soul
for Julie promised keep them whole.

Each day as evening makes its call
julie sits; remembers all
her lasting task for all its worth
keep alive memories here on earth.


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