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Updated on April 11, 2012

Soft breezed the early morn

They followed, quite and eager

He turned, struck them spellbound

Ended following Him forever

For it was that face, infinitely human

Subtle gestures of kindness at first

Flowing free from his heart within

The calm assurance and kindly trust

Often at times, his brows went up

In light amusement at them

A quick smile from the sweet saviour

Graceful and gentle, graced them

For he was just a man

Tried and tempted, in every way

Who felt sadness and bereavement, keen

But passionately love! That ever held sway

Over all. He did not judge

He was not numb either

Demure or dull, unfeeling

Failed to love, everlasting, neither

He was our master, friend, teacher

Father, lover, all adorned in one

Handsome form and soft eyes

That glorious messiah! Humbly, among men

How can you hurt Him?

When he's been hurt enough

By scorn, mockery, deception

But respond, your fullest, his love


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