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Updated on November 28, 2010



It was just before Christmas when Jackie started her Christmas shopping.  She had risen early so she would have plenty of time to shop-till-she-dropped.  Shopping till she dropped was Jackie’s philosophy on shopping, because she actually didn’t like shopping like other women.  But when Jackie finally did go shopping, she knew how to do some damage spending a great amount of money all in one day, and getting all the buying out of the way.  In other words she meant business and was prepared to do some serious shopping today!


Luckily Jackie came into some large amount of money and even though she tried to spend still frugally, she really didn’t have to worry that much about money. As a matter of fact Jackie didn’t have to work, but she did do much volunteer work in her spare time.


Jackie had very long brown hair, snow white skin, and the cutest dimples on her cheeks.  She was five foot seven with a very voluptuous build.  Today she decided to wear her tight jeans with a fancy patterned shirt to dress them up, and practical brown flat clogs on her feet.


As she drove Jackie wondered to herself if she had locked up the house and remembered to put her alarm on?  She was pretty sure she had, but being it was around Christmas time she wanted to be sure, so she turned her car around to head back home to check.


As Jackie pulled up to her garage she noticed she had left some of her lights on by accident.  She dashed into her two-story home to quickly shut lights off, lock up, and than she made sure she put the alarm on before she left again.


Jackie kept a very nice home.  She had her home decorated with all pastel colors favoring lavender.  Mostly she had either white furniture or at least light oak wood, giving her house a spacious clean look.

Jackie loved to entertain and very often had parties for her friends and relatives.  She was single, but rarely was lonely with all the entertaining she did, as well as her volunteer work.


Today Jackie was determined to buy all her nieces and nephews presents and last minute decorations for the Christmas party she was giving.


She hadn’t been at the mall but an hour and a half and her arms were already filled with packages and bags.  Jackie hadn’t much more to buy, maybe one or two more presents, but how to carry all this stuff and shop at the same time was an issue. She decided to walk out to the car to alleviate herself from the bundles she was caring.


While out at the car placing the bags in it; Jackie felt a bump to the back of her head and turned in time before she went down to see her perpetrator!

It was a masked man with a gun!  He not only took Jackie’s pocketbook but her car also leaving her laying there semi staggered!


Well at least she was alive, but what an awful bump on the head she sustained.  You would think the mall security would be around, but no not when you really needed them.  Jackie got herself to her feet stumbling and started looking for help.  Finally she found a kind couple that assisted her in calling the authorities, and they stayed with her until the police came.


The officers asked Jackie many questions, one of which sent her by ambulance to the hospital to check out her head.


What a pickle Jackie was in, sent to the hospital and no purse as well as no car; yet the only thing she could think about were the presents and decorations she still didn’t have.  The severity of the situation did not hit her as of yet, until Detective John Peal came to the hospital to talk to her.


Detective Peal was a very handsome man and at first Jackie could only focus on how adorable he was; besides her presents and decorations. 

Until John Peal explained how harsh the damage was to her whole purse missing, not only for the loss of the credit cards which was bad enough, but now the criminal had all her information as well as where she lived; Jackie really hadn’t imagined the severity of the whole experience!


Now it started to sink into Jackie what kind of problems have already, and still could occur from this terrible situation as John Peal made it quite clear of all the usual things Jackie would have to do to stop and replace her credit cards as well as her license.

However the main reason Detective Peal personally was there; was to follow up on the situation now her home was considered at high risk for break ins to take place; now that her address was out there!


Detective Peal left Jackie with his card and said he would like to stop by and further investigate things at her residence to get familiar with the surroundings. 

Apparently this was a routine they suspected of this masked robber to not only rob people in the parking lot, but also being as bold to next rob their home.  Mr. Peal in the back of his mind was hoping to set a trap for this masked robber using Jackie’s home.


It was the next day Tuesday and finally Jackie was released from the hospital with nothing more than a minor concussion.  She was going to spend the whole day cancelling credit cards, calling for a rental car and just plain old collecting her thoughts. When the phone rang and it was Detective Peal that called.  Mr. Peal requested he be able to stop by to further his investigation.  Jackie reluctantly agreed and busied herself until he showed up.


Again Detective Peal or John as he requested Jackie to call him; realized Jackie still did not get the fact that her home was in possible danger of being robbed in the near future.  That is why John kept on reiterating it over and over again till it finally sunk into her noggin!


John went on to explain his plan; how he wanted to hide plain clothes officers in and out of her house until at least Christmas was over to set up a sting operation.  Jackie balked at the idea, but finally relented.  She did warn John that she was giving a big party on Saturday and that she was expecting over one hundred guest.


Wednesday rolled around and this is when Jackie decided she had already sufficiently taken care of all her credit cards to be stopped. Apparently there had already been much activity on her credit cards from the robber, but Jackie was insured for stolen credit cards so that wasn’t a big issue anymore.  This is when Jackie went to her bank having no credit cards to use; to take out a large sum of money to replace the gifts and decorations she lost in the robbery.  Jackie could not bare to go back to the same mall in which she was robbed; so she decided to stay local in her town’s immediate stores.


All went well shopping and Jackie arrived home pleased she had accomplished her goal; as well she was able to get better bargains than the day she was robbed.


Jackie got to know the plain clothes police that were hiding out in her house.  She was now comfortable with them and they were also at ease. She had set both of them up in their own guest bedrooms and they took turns on watch so each was able to sleep; as well Detective Peal stopped by at least once a day to relieve the other men, and also planned on attending Jackie’s party himself for extra protection. Jackie couldn’t refuse anything that John suggested or did.  John was just too handsome and dreamy to deny anything to.


Jackie spent the rest of Wednesday finishing her decorating and wrapping the rest of her presents.


Thursday Jackie went grocery shopping to gather everything she needed for her Christmas party. 

Even though she was having the party catered by a local restaurant, Jackie always liked to be prepared and make little dishes to have on hand herself.


Friday rolled around and Jackie did last minute preparations like making sure the piano player was scheduled for sure, and checking with the help she hired to serve food and cocktails to everyone.


By Friday night Jackie was exhausted, but at least she was all prepared now for Saturday night’s Christmas party.  With everything in place for when the guests would arrive Jackie figured she would only have to entertain and enjoy her guest with all the help she hired.  She thought on how it was going to be a wonderful party!


Saturday was a day that Jackie did her beauty things.  Like have her hair and nails done for the party.  Accidentally that day John entered the house and ran right into Jackie with just her robe on in the bed room; while he was checking out the premises as the other police officers took some time off to get out of the house. 

Jackie being only in a robe coming right out of the shower was a very tenuous moment, and at the same time a very sensual few seconds for Both John and Jackie.  Both were blushing and embarrassed during those few awkward seconds.


Finally it was time for the quest to arrive for the party.  Jackie looked astounding and it did not go unnoticed by John whom also looked very attractive in his Christmas sweater. 

The piano player was already playing holiday tunes.  The servers were at the ready to wait on people when the first of the guest arrived.


Everyone was told in their invitation to dress in holiday attire. The house was filling up with festive outfits galore.  The guest were enjoying all the different foods as well as singing to the piano player’s music. All the guest were handed two tree ornaments to utilize.  One ornament was to bring home for their very own, and another was to play a game decorating the bare tree next to the beautiful white baby-grand piano.  Everyone enjoyed placing their ornaments in their own special place on the tree while Christmas carols were sung.  It was truly turning out to be a lovely affair.


 Every once in a while Jackie would see John glancing her way; which made her go red.  It was almost like they were a married couple with some great secret they were holding from the guest.


The party wrapped up with the last guest leaving at one thirty in the morning.  Jackie paid the hired help and thanked them very much with an additional Christmas bonus.  Most of the mess was picked up but Jackie busied her self with some last minute tiding; as well she finally had time to sit and admire the tree that was decorated by the entire guest list.


John was waiting for the next on duty officers to take his place in the main entrance when Jackie walked through the door way and stood.  Jackie was unaware she stood right under the mistletoe.  John couldn’t help think how radiating she looked standing there, and couldn’t help himself to move a step closer to give her a tender kiss on the lips.  Jackie was stunned; but she couldn’t hold back her smile from being pleased from the sweet kindhearted kiss.  She just stood there feeling embarrassed and bewildered!  Just at that very moment the officers walked in to relieve John of his duties. This made both Jackie and John both get flustered, and go into a pretense that nothing unusual had happened.


Christmas was now only four days away, So Jackie had set all the Christmas presents for her nieces and nephews under the tree, and than left for the day to run errands.


When Jackie returned that day she found her house in disarray, with the news that there actually was a break in that happened, and one officer was shot although not fatally in the capture of the masked bandit! The police were pretty sure this was the same masked man at the mall that robbed Jackie.


John was there on the scene and apologized for the mess.  However everyone couldn’t be more relieved that there was minor damage done to both home and the officer in the capture of the robbing scoundrel.


Although the whole ordeal went relatively well and now it was over; both Jackie and John to themselves felt emptiness.   There was no reason now for them to see each other.  The case was solved and Jackie and her home would be safe.  John and Jackie said their goodbyes and both thanked each other for the cooperation that made the sting operation a success.


Days had passed and Christmas was tomorrow, but instead of feeling her usual jolly self; Jackie felt alone and depressed.  She could not quite put her finger on it but the emptiness was there.


“No matter” Jackie thought to herself “snap out of it woman you have guest coming for Christmas Eve!”  “Cheer up!”


It was five o’clock and her guests were to arrive at seven; so Jackie motivated herself to hop in the shower. 

Everything for her get-together was ready from hot chocolate to the homemade cookies.  Christmas carols were playing on her stereo and all the Christmas lights were on. 


As she waited for the first guest to arrive Jackie felt a foreboding feeling.  She felt her whole body took on an air of sadness.  Finally she realized what was making her so unhappy, and astoundingly this only occurred to her as she waited for the first of the guest to arrive. 

Jackie said to herself “you have no one to love as a significant other lady, and you are missing that man, John, yes John, apparently you had grown quite fond of him.” “How could this of happened?”


So dismayed Jackie started to go into tears, but was caught short with the door bell wringing! 

The first of the guest were here! 

Jackie collected herself, wiping away any tears that fell to answer the door.


What a surprise!

It was not at all who she was expecting!

It was John with flowers in his hands apologizing for just stopping by!  

John than asked Jackie “would you ever like to go out sometime?”

Jackie stood there a bit dumbfounded!

 However her answer was a resounding “YES!”


Yes my readers just before Christmas this all took place, and just before the next Christmas was when John asked Jackie to marry him.

Just before the next Christmas they wed.


Now a days just before Christmas John and Jackie Peal  shop together for their four beautiful children, Kyle, Clowey, Forest, and Alley.


Happy Holidays Everyone!


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight11/24 /2010@LisaLuvLLC



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