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James Carstairs and What Makes Him Special

Updated on September 16, 2016

James "Jem" Carstairs is a character created by Cassandra Clare and one of the main character of the Infernal Devices.

Throughout the series he is seen as a dying drug addict by some and a Shadowhunter who deserved a better life. Since he was eleven his life was depending on a fictional drug called Yin fen. The reader's opinion of Jem depends on how open or closed minded the reader is. Jem was peaceful and cared about the welfare of others. Once you look over the drug problem you can see the true beauty of him.

In an ironic twist, Clare spares the character and lives longer than most of the others characters living in 1875. This fantasy series has shown the flaws in some of our greatest desires. Jem living through it all was great and something you would almost never expect. But he had to live knowing many of the people he loves are dead.

I guess, as humans we must accept the life we have and live in the moment


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