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James Dashner's 'The Death Cure': A Review

Updated on June 21, 2012
The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book 3)
The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book 3)

The third book of the 'Maze Runner' series.


Pages: 324

Rating: ****

'The Death Cure', the third entry into 'The Maze Runner' series, is every bit as intriguing and bazaar as 'The Scorch Trials', and for that, I give thanks to James Dashner. I knew this was a series that I would continue, so I purchased it just as the second novel started to pick up. The writing style is identical to previous works, which I greatly appreciate. While I found the book to be interesting and a great read, it doesn't have the strength to stand apart as its own story. I highly recommend that you read the first two novels before starting 'The Death Cure'. There are literally tons of details that you'll have to know, and there are very few recaps. The book will not make a whole lot of sense otherwise.

'The Death Cure' starts off exactly where 'The Scorch Trials' leaves off, with Tom waking up alone inside a WICKED compound. Separated from his friends, Tom is forced to spend weeks inside solitary confinement without any type of human interaction. Being led to believe the Flare is too far gone to be saved, Tom feels his sanity slowly slipping away from him. Twenty one days later, he sees his first human, and finds that he is to be integrated back into the compound's populace. As he adjusts, a bombshell is dropped on the survivors. With exception of a small few, the group has been composed mostly of individuals immune to the Flare. Another lie cleverly orchestrated by WICKED. Tom is not an exception, but his good friend is. Another important revelation is made, no cure exists. The trials were simply a massive scientific experiment to map how the Flare destroys the brain cells. WICKED plans to repeat the trials with a fresh set of candidates. Refusing to watch the horrors being repeated, the last survivors decide to escape the compound to prevent any further testing. With guards distracted, Tom makes a daring escape and flees to a distant colony where the Flare infection rate is low. A chance meeting with the leader of a WICKED resistance group encourages Tom and the others to take up arms. The goal: infiltrate WICKED headquarters and dismantle it permanently. Will Tom and friends survive this final test? What fate awaits his Flare infected friend? Is there a secret cure after all?

Dashner does a terrific job of keeping the same fast paced, exciting style as he did with 'The Scorch Trials'. As much as I enjoyed the series, I'm glad to finally have a conclusion. Poor Tom, he really has suffered enough. I think that the only real complaint I had was, once again, the repetitive 'shuck, 'klunk', 'good that' maze lingo that became rather annoying very quickly. Despite the comparisons, I'm glad that 'The Maze Runner' series was nothing like 'The Hunger Games' series. I had such high expectations, but they were met in other ways. The plot twists will help keep you guessing and the familiarity of the characters make them all the more endearing. For surprising twists, fun story and characters I'm not afraid to root for, Dashner has definitely earned this four star reward. For a shucking good time, don't miss this klunk of a series! Good th... oh, never mind...


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