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James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's 'Confessions of a Murder Suspect' : A Review

Updated on March 6, 2013
Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Click here to see what secrets the Angel Family are really hiding.


Pages: 372

Rating: *****

After finishing the Maximum Ride series, I didn't think I would read anymore form Patterson, but when I got an email request for 'Confessions of a Murder Suspect', I decided to give him another chance. Thankfully, what I found is a wonderfully crafted mystery novel for young readers that is plentiful with dramatic twists. This singular novel may have just restored my faith in James Patterson, let's just hope that the next book deosn't unravel everything 'Confessions of a Murder Suspect' built like a cheap scarf!

The Angel family is known for two things: their seemingly endless wealth and their brutal business tactics. Many perceive them as a heartless family, so when Tandy Angel wakes up one morning to find her parents murdered, no one is surprised, especially the Angel children. Without any sign of a forced entry, all accusing eyes drift toward the children. While the kids are often as cold as the parents were, it would seem that any of them could have committed the crime. Even young Tandy can't account for her wearabouts during the time of their deaths. What most people don't know about Tandy is that she's smart. . . incredibly smart. If anyone can solve the mystery, she can. The question then becomes can she beat the police to the solution? Which kid is responsible? Can Tandy prove her own innocence?

Tandy is a very conflicted character. She kind of flip flops between cold and calculating to warm and innocent, so I can see a lot of readers being turned off by her. Truth be told, I found her all the more fascinating. I can also appreciate the way Tandy tells her story, as if she's narrating directly to you as she goes through her investigation. There are special chapters called 'confessions', and in her confessions, she tells a personal secret. While these secrets may not necessarily effect the story, they let the reader get to know Tandy a little more. You almost get the feeling that Tandy is trusting you. The plot is incredibly deceiving. I couldn't figure who the culprit was for anything, and then when all is revealed, my jaw hit the floor. At one point, I suspected every single character. New twists and details are reveals often, which always leads to my mind changing. My only concern is when I think about Tandy's future. Patterson clearly intends to turn this novel into a series, but for me, the story feels finished. There is one question left unanswered, but it can only be answered by a character other than Tandy. I know it sounds vague, but I can't give away any more details without spoiling the book. Like I said, Tandy's story is over, I'm satisfied with the ending, so I'm concerned about what future entries will bring to the table. If they aren't up to the standards of 'Confessions of a Murder Suspect' then I'd rather they not be written at all. For a solid story, respectable cast and the excellent voice he used, I'm giving this novel a perfect score. Lets just hope that the rest of the series can measure up to my expectations.

Were you a fan of Maximum Ride? Are you nervous about this new series?

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