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James Patterson's 'Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever': A Review

Updated on April 22, 2012

Pages: 399

Rating: *****

*Spoiler Alert* 'School's Out - Forever' is actually the second entry in the 'Maximum Ride' series. See my review of 'Maximum Ride: The Angel Project' to start from the beginning.

Patterson picks up exactly where 'The Angel Experiment' left off, diving right back into the heat of the action. It seems to be a rare talent these days to produce a sequel(s) that are as intense and engaging as it's predecessors. I'm ecstatic that Patterson possesses that special skill. Anybody who is a fan of 'The Angel Experiment' will be able to pick up and enjoy 'School's Out - Forever' with the same enthusiasm they found in part one.

We catch up with Max and the crew on their way to Washington D.C. Armed with information obtained from the 'Institute', the kids are hoping to find any lead that may unlock clues about their pasts. Birth places, birth dates, how they wound up as experiments and finding there biological parents taking priority. Just as they touch ground in the capital, the flock is ambushed by a pack of human/wolf hybrids trying to recapture them. The fight is horribly one sided and Fang, Max's second in command, finds himself on the receiving end of a very brutal beating. It's so bad, in fact, Max has no choice but to risk exposing the group's secrets and seek professional medical help. Once things at the hospital start to stabilize, Max is approached by an investigative branch of the FBI. Reluctantly, Max and the rest of the flock are convinced to seek shelter with the lead investigator while Fang recuperates. Once in their new surroundings, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel finally feel at home, but Max's ever suspicious mind warns her otherwise. The flock momentarily have a normal life ahead of them, freedom from attack, chores, school and...gasp!! Watching vigilantly, Max doesn't let normalcy obstruct her suspicion of ulterior motives. However, Max will soon discover that things are not always what they seem. Worst of all, her own fears are soon discovered to be orchestrated by... Max herself??

I thoroughly enjoyed 'School's Out - Forever' and read it's contents in three days. Addicting and as hard to put down as 'The Angel Experiment', the words seemed to fly of the page and overtake my every thought. The characters are as engaging and life like as ever before. I loved watching the flock grow and change and can sympathize with them as if they were my own family. Their personalities come through even more in this novel. I can feel Iggy's frustrations, agonize of Nudge's need to fit in, and wonder about Angel's sudden selfish streak. The action is still non stop as is Max's hilarious sarcastic wit. The only issue that I had with 'The Angel Experiment' is the way the ending had been written, and awkward it felt. Thankfully, this story ends on a better, more concluding note. I'm thankful that I've got a new series that I can obsess about. Patterson's experiments easily soar to new heights to effortlessly claim a perfect score!

School's Out - Forever: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 2)
School's Out - Forever: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 2)

Book number two of the series. You can find some great prices by clicking here!


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