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James Patterson's 'Nevermore': A Review

Updated on September 9, 2012
Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure (Book 8)
Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure (Book 8)

Check out Nevermore to finally get some closure.


Pages: 344

Rating: ****

For all of you who are avid fans of the Maximum Ride series, or have been following the series through my reviews, this is it. The wait is over. 'Nevermore' is the final novel, and in the story we will finally get the answers to so many lingering questions. I waited anxiously for a year for this novel to be released, and when I saw this at my local retailer, I was the first in line to buy my copy.

We meet back with Max and the flock several months after the explosion in Paris. Max, Dylan and the others are trying to lead a normal life in Oregon. Despite their best efforts, there is always a sense of loss without Angel. Fang and his rag tag gang continue to investigate all on their own. Fang's attraction to Maya is a welcome distraction, especially since neither party want to discuss or come to terms with Angel's death. Suddenly, Fang finds himself betrayed by members of his own posse, and Fang decides to disband and heads home to Max with his tail between his legs. After a bit of 'discussion', Max welcomes Fang back into the flock, much to Dylan's dismay. Dylan is not shy about his disgust with Fang's abandonment and petitions for his excommunication. Soon after, Fang's blog gets a hit from a mysterious new member claiming to have seen a small blond girl with white wings being led into a secret research facility. Without hesitation, the flock plan a recon mission to rescue the littlest bird kid. However, they come face to face with an old rival who will do whatever it takes to prevent Max from leaving alive. Who is this rival? Will the find Angel? How is Dylan going to handle Fang's return?

I think my excitement for the novel got the better of me. I was expecting the same pulse racing excitement that the rest of the series readily provided. While the novel packs that same emotional sucker punch that I love, but that constant in your face action takes a backseat. 'Nevermore' is great about picking up where 'Angel' left off, but it dragged a little bit. It was still a great quick read, since I finished it in about a day, but some parts were a little harder to get through than others. I know that Patterson said that this will be the final novel, but it feels so unfinished to me. The ending was nice and everything, but it just left me feeling unsatisfied. Maybe just because we're saying goodbye for now, doesn't mean that we can't say hello later. For leaving me with more questions at the end than when I started, 'Nevermore' gets a very earthbound four stars.

Ok, the last novel in the series, so I just have to ask....

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