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January-Book of Months

Updated on February 14, 2011

Poem of the Month-January

About three years ago I started a compilation of poems, anecdotes, parables, etc. for children and adults alike. Below you'll find one of the poems from "The Book of Months" I'd like to share. Since I live in the Northeast and we get the full effect of every season, I write based on my geographical area.
The poems for each month are designed to arouse curiosity even though it will be illustrated in line drawings. The name of the month is never mentioned throughout the poem other than the title. It tells about its origin, how the month got its name, and some of the most important facts and holidays. I hope you enjoy it.


By R. Simari

Welcome Janus god of time,
the first month that bears your name.
As you're facing front and rear,
looking towards a brand new year.

Snow capped roofs and covered ground,
a blade of grass not to be found.
Mother Nature takes no rest,
old man winter's at his best.

Like the keen eye of an owl,
the great hunter's on the prowl.
Looking south at twighlight time,
Sirius' glow is at its prime.

All is dormant, all is still,
a time to hibernate and chill.
Waiting endlessly with drear,
through the coldest time of year.


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    • Rocco Simari profile image

      Rocco Simari 6 years ago from Salem, New Hampshire

      Thank you so much!

    • schoolmarm profile image

      schoolmarm 6 years ago from Florida

      I really enjoyed this - a beautiful winter poem. Thanks!

    • Rocco Simari profile image

      Rocco Simari 7 years ago from Salem, New Hampshire

      Thank you, I was referring to "winter", I wasn't thinking of the "old man". I also had the "IT'S" wrong.

    • Huntgoddess profile image

      Huntgoddess 7 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Very nice.

      Why not say, "Old Man Winter's at HIS best." Instead of "at its best."