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Jason, a Greek Hero

Updated on May 23, 2013

Jason's Family

Jason's father was Aeson. It is not clear on who his mother was. It could have been Polymede, Alcimede or Amphinome. The most popular choice is Alcimede. Jason had a younger brother, Promachus and a sister, Hippolyte.


Aeson was the oldest son of Cretheus. Cretheus ruled Iolcus. Aeson had a half brother, Pelias. Pelias' father was Poseidon. When Cretheus died Aeson was the rightful ruler of Iolcus but, Pelias was so engrossed with the need for power that he overthrew Aeson and became ruler. To secure his position he killed all of Aeson's descendants. He spared Aeson because of his mother pleading with him not to kill Aeson.

To save Jason Alcimede pretended he was stillborn. She sent Jason to be raised by Cheiron. Cheiron was a centaur who was very knowledgeable, an oracle, healer and astrologer. He raised Jason and educated him.

Pelias Tricks Jason

Pelias was so worried about someone taking his power from him that he went to a seer. The seer told him his downfall would be from a man wearing one sandal. Jason was that man. He lost one of his sandals when he was entering the city.

Jason claimed the right to rule Iolcus but was tricked by Pelias. Jason had to find the Golden Fleece and bring it to Pelias to rule Iolcus.


The goddesses Hera and Athena, along with the sorceress Medea, helped Jason get the Golden Fleece. Medea was the granddaughter of Helios, god of the sun.

The goddesses made Medea fall in love with Jason. She helped Jason retrieve the Golden Fleece. They married, he promised to stay with only her, and went to Iolcus with the fleece.

Media caused the death of Pelias after he killed Aeson, his wife and infant son. After his death Jason was run out of Iolcus. Acastus, Pelias' son ruled. Jason and the Argonauts joined together, took back Iolcus and killed Acastus.

The Argonauts

The Argonauts were a group of heroes Jason got together to help him on his adventures. He named them the Argonauts after his ship, the Argo.

Some of the Argonauts were:

  • Boreads-he could fly
  • Castor-twin of Pollux, a great soldier, son of Zeus
  • Euphemus-son of Poseidon
  • Heracles-AKA Hercules. We all know who Hercules was.
  • Heros-a warrior
  • Orpheus-the greatest musician and poet. His songs could tame wild beasts
  • Peleus-father of Achilles
  • Philoctetes-an archer
  • Pollux-twin of Castor, same mother different father.
  • Telamon-brother of Peleus

Jason and Medea

There are different versions of this event.

When Jason gained Iolus he turned rule over the Acastus. After he did this he and Media went to live in Corinth. There the king offered his daughter to Jason. When she confronted Jason about this he said it was to do with political ties. She reminded him of all the help she gave him and he said he should be thanking the goddesses because they made her fall in love with him.This enraged Media because Jason broke his promise to her. To take revenge she had a dress made of poison and gave it to Glauce, the King's daughter. When she put it on the poison killed her. The King died when he tried to pull the dress off of Glauce. Then Medea killed her sons she had with Jason and went to live in Athens. Because of this the people turned against Jason and banned him from Corinth.

It is rumored that Jason had two other sons, twins, from his affair with the queen of Lemnos. Lemnos was an island of all women who had killed their husbands. This was while he was on one of his adventures.

Jason's Death

Jason died when a beam fell on him while he sad under the hull of the Argo. He died lonely and sad because he broke his promise to Medea. This made Hera mad so Jason lost favor with her.


Jason didn't start life in the best way. He was in danger of being killed by his uncle, his mother had to pretend that he was stillborn and was raised by a half man half horse. Then he had to fight for whatever he got in life. He made some difficult choices and not all were in his favor. He married had children with his wife, had children with another, lost favor with the goddess and died lonely.

Makes you wonder about karma. I think karma kicked him in the butt. What do you think?


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