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Happy Birthday to my friend Peggy

Updated on October 20, 2011

Jeffery and Me

My friend Jeffery and me
My friend Jeffery and me | Source

Jeffery Dear Jeffery

Jeffery Dear Jeffery my beautiful pup

Oh! How often you have lifted me up

Close by side when I’m happy or sad

God gave you to me, for that I am glad

You are so precious, gentle and kind

No better friend would I ever find

Your cookies you love in your gong balls

You chew and you chew, until you eat them all

When you want more you beg and beg, until I give in

Because you know you will always win

I love how when I sing Happy Birthday to you

You sing right along with you song of Wahooo

You set, beg and say please for a treat

You hardly ever miss a beat

I love to watch you, when you are asleep on your mat

I think you are chasing a squirrel or a cat

When you are in your back yard, you love to run laps

Everyone that is watching loves to clap

Over the brick wall, up and down, and around you go

Where you stop nobody knows

While getting groomed by your groomer

You cry like a baby and that is no rumor

Now, it is time to take you to the vet

You get anxious, nervous and Oh! How you fret

Your vet is a nice lady, you like her I know

But for her, you just have to put on a show

She pets you and soothes you and gives you a treat

She says you are smart, funny and sweet

Jeffery Dear Jeffery my companion and friend

If given the chance my life you would defend

Thank you, God for giving you me, my dear little dog Jeffery


October 23, 2011

By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

Happy Birthday to You


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