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You Are Not Alone... We Are Here...

Updated on November 25, 2015

Reaching Out

Sometimes we need to know that we are not alone; that we are not the only ones on the planet who have ever felt a certain way. Everything has a season, at times it may feel hard to hold on. But, the storm will not last forever. In the end, I chose to turn the page and keep it moving. Life is a pleasure, and I chose to enjoy the ride. Both the good and the bad of it.....

These short poems speak of storms conquered. To let you know that you are not the only one; that things do get better.


What am I doing here

How did it come

When was there sleep

I wake to a fence all around me

Somehow I lost the key

Life has become madness

A cruel meaningless curse.



Like a spitting fire begging to be drenched by the moisture of nature

The grinding thoughts of death keep haunting me.

For so long I walked the halls of closed doors

Reaching out to some comfort

The bitter tears so long streaming the canals of my mind;

Never finding a resting place.

It's odd, the loneliness one can feel from an earth so overly crowded.

I wonder, have anyone touched the torture my mind now feels

If so my heart goes out to them.

OH PLEASE, anyone hearing my plea

Lend me your comfort

For I feel the death thought might conquer me.



Dark starless wonder

Where life no longer stirs.

The mindless mobile flesh journeys a never ending path for an eternity.

No freedom is sought

No knowledge known

There is only the pain of imprisonment etched on the faces of population.

Why are they there

This cannot be heaven

Rejuvenation lives not there

Nor will it venture.

A mother holds a hungry child

A child who cries not

Who feels no lack of nourishment.

Sanctuary lives not there.

Peace no longer has a meaning.

Time does not bring about the sun

The sky gives no rain;

And yet I have seen this place before

The streets look familiar

But I only know it in the sun.

I choose never to reside in this place

It's too dark - too meaningless.

The eyes show no joy

No one cares

They are only there.

The sun shines not from the east or west

It shines not at all.

My direction will not show me this place agin

For I choose to dance in the sun an eternity.

All those who have ears take heed.

Don't permit your directions to lead you here.

Freedom is not a gift

But a choice;

Choose yours well

Or you will be doomed.



Holding on to life

© 2009 loveofnight


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