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Updated on August 20, 2014

flip art!

breeze through

  • Like a gap-toothed morsel

Sandwiched was I


My family and career!

  • Turning at will

Burned I up

The road

To learn

A lesson on life!

  • Foaming at the mouth

Went I roaming

To the fuming sea!

  • Like

An elinguated cuckoo

Was I


A brok’n quill!

  • Larding my life

With love

Lappeted I

A phily corner!

  • An ease of laziness

Like a lotus

Offers me

A guiltless comfort

To day dream

Of my lass

Lost in wilderness!

  • Floundering about

In the muddled waters

Of wet imagination

Whetted I

My fancy

To flounce away

A couple of lines!


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