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Jerry McDonald went camping in the woods

Updated on May 15, 2011
Where Jerry McDonald was found.
Where Jerry McDonald was found. | Source

Jerry McDonald
went camping in the woods
he had plenty of water
but practically no food

Then it started snowing
like never before
he got snowed in
could drive no more

February last
on Valentine ’s Day
he wrote in his diary
that he couldn’t drive away

A gallon of water
snow chains and cash
is what he brought
nothing more nothing less

No compass
or mobile phone
but who could he have called?
For he was all alone

After a month
he ran out of supplies
the snow got worse
would he now die?

Then all of a sudden
it started to rain
would he survive
or was it in vain?

Jerry died
of hunger and cold
all alone
almost seventy years old

Jerry McDonald
May you rest in peace


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