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Jesus Is There for the Child

Updated on November 15, 2012

Jesus Is with The Child

The child lay in bed with tears rolling down her cheeks,

Her little heart was really breaking,

Her tears were real, she wasn't faking,

They were still having one heck of a fight.


She just doesn't understand, what it all means,

Her world is crumbling around her it seems,

She loves Mom and Dad, so much it hurts,

If only she could help them, but she might make it worse.


Oh, why, dear Lord Jesus, she cries,

Oh, why, do grownups tell so many lies,

She wishes they would hush their arguing now,

She wishes she could stop them, but, oh Lord how?


She lays there listening, all through the long night,

Wishing it would all end, with all her little might,

Daylight had started, she thought, to come at last,

She wishes again, the morning would hurry up and get here fast.


Oh, Please Lord, let the light bring forth new meaning,

To their love, about which they are still screaming,

"Close you eyes," a soft voice seems to say,

"For with the new morning, everything will be okay."


Sleep, finally, overcomes her tired little mind,

"Sleep little one," the voice says, "it's going to fine,"

Outside, the daylight, she thought she saw,

Starts to fade, is gone, it's still night after all.

by Pamlia Wall


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